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Three Reasons Text Message Marketing Works Well for Generating Gym Leads

Last Updated on Jan 17, 2019

Using text message marketing for fitness businesses is nothing new. We here at FitnessTexter have been in business since 2011, so that’s at least 8 years of text message marketing for gyms. Anyways, the other day, I was trying to answer a customer’s question about why FitnessTexter worked as well as it did, as opposed to just putting up a 555-555-5555 phone number on your website and having people text you there. After doing some brainstorming, I’ve come up with the three main reasons why SMS marketing works so well for fitness businesses. 1. People Are More Comfortable Texting Short Codes. 10 years ago, short codes were not that popular in the marketing world. Many of them were connected with shady businesses that were trying to sell used cars. That said, they kind of tainted the market for short code marketing and for a long time, people were nervous to text short codes likes 95577. They thought they would get spammed with promos and have no way to get out. That’s actually the opposite of how short codes work. They make it extremely easy to get opt-out. Well, it’s 2019 and people are no longer worried about short code texting. People knows that it doesn’t cost anything extra, and that they can opt-out whenever. 2. They’re Not Worried About Getting a High Pressure Sales Call. If you put up “Text Josh at 555-555-5555 for a free week pass” on your website, you might get some leads. However, you’ll also scare a lot of people away because they know that as soon as they text “Josh” about the free trial, he’s most likely going to launch into a sales spiel trying to get them to sign up for something more than the free week. With a short code like 95577, people know that it’s connected to a computer and not a human. They’re more comfortable texting it, knowing they’re just going to get a coupon text message back in return. 3. People HATE Talking to Strangers. They’d Much Rather Send a Text. Last but not least, let’s not forget that it’s 2019 and people truly hate talking to one another these days. When was the last time you saw people...

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Three Easy Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Gym’s Swimming Pool

Last Updated on Dec 10, 2018

There’s been a surge in swimming lately. The medical benefits have always been well-known, but people are starting to ditch jogging in favor of a easier-on-the-joints activity like swimming. This blog post is focused at those businesses that are lucky enough to have an installed pool. If your fitness center hasn’t seen an increase in the amount of members that are coming to take advantage of your facility’s swimming pool, here are three easy ways to get more swimmers to show up. 1. Start a Discount Swimming Punch-Card Program Most fitness businesses, in my experience, don’t allow all their members to use the pool. Usually there is a tiered-program for pool users at the gym. This might work if you have a lot of dedicated swimmers, but if you don’t, you’re going to have an empty pool that isn’t bringing you any business. That said, you can easily create some discounted punch-cards for your current non-pool members. If your current gym member doesn’t want to use the pool all the time, they can use one of these punch cards to use it on certain days that they want to. You’ll increase your revenue on the sale of punch cards, and you’ll also, perhaps, encourage some of these non-pool members to upgrade their memberships to the pool version. 2. Create a Swimmer’s Only Membership Level On the contrary to the previous tip, instead of trying to get your gym members to upgrade to a gym+pool membership, you could also create a pool-only membership for the people in your community that have no interest in lifting weights and doing fitness classes, but that would be more than happy to go swim laps a new nights a week. This membership would come with a healthy discount from the gym+pool membership, but you’d once again see a boost a revenue when you started increasing your pool-only memberships. 3. Create a Partnership with a Local Yoga Studio to Increase Cross-Pollination Last but not least, go out and create a partnership with a local yoga studio in your town. Tell then that you’re willing to offer their members a discount on your pool-only membership if they’d be willing to offer your members a discount at...

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Three Print Advertising Techniques for Your Gym and Health Club

Last Updated on Dec 7, 2018

Print advertising isn’t dead. In fact, some sources that that print advertising is actually making a comeback and more and more people are disconnecting from social media and the internet. If you’re looking for fun ways to advertise your gym or fitness center, print advertising might be exactly what you’re looking for. Below are three surefire hits for advertising your gym using print media. Let’s get this party started. 1. Take Out an Ad in Your Local City Newspaper Local newspapers are on the comeback and they’re a great way to both support a local business as well as to get your business in front of some eyes. There’s nothing more localized than a newspaper, even Facebook’s localization isn’t as exact as the old fashioned newspaper. Call up your local publisher and see how much it would cost to have a weekly ad for the course of the month. You’ll probably be surprised at how reasonable the prices are. Make sure you make your advertising trackable so that you know if new clients are coming in from your advertising or from somewhere else. 2. Invest in a Small Billboard on the Nearest Highway Billboards have been a foundation of the advertising world since the early 20th century. There’s no better way to get your company in front of fresh eyes than using a billboard. In our home state, billboards don’t cost too much and there’s a lot of stock out there. The two largest billboard companies are Lamar and Clear Channel. Contact your the rep of your choice and figure out how much it would cost to get your gym’s marketing material up on the billboard. Make sure you work with a graphic designer that understand billboard creation because you don’t want to have a billboard design failure. 3. Do a Mass Mailing using the Postal Service’s Mailing Feature Did you know that the United States Postal Service can send marketing mail to specific zip codes for you? If you didn’t, now you do. Head on over to their website and see if you can’t get a little print flyer campaign set up. Plan to send out a flyer at the start of the month. Start with a couple...

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Three Simple Ways to Get New Years Eve Gym Members to Stick Around

Last Updated on Dec 3, 2018

It’s a well known fact that the new year is on its way, and with the new year comes the onslaught of new years resolution gym members. As a gym owner, you can’t complain about the foot traffic. It’s been shown that the influx of money from NYE gym members is rather substantial. Yes, it’s true, some of your current members will get a little pissed off that they have to deal with all these new “fake” members, but so be it. So the question is, how do you, as a gym owner, get these people to stay at your facility once they lose interest? Below are three surefire tips of get your new years members to commit to longterm memberships. 1. Don’t Give Out New Years Eve Membership Discounts Giving our huge discounts is one of the worst ways to attract bad members. When you give someone a 75% discount for one or two months, they’re going to come in as much as possible. However, once that discount expires, you’re going to have a very hard time getting them to sign up for become a long term member. You’ve already devalued your service too much to expect them to want to maybe hundreds of dollars extra for the normal membership. That said, quit giving out discounts and make your members pay FULL PRICE instead. That might sound shocking, but these new members, if you make them pay full price, they’re going to be more wiling to stick it out since they’re not getting a huge discount. 2. Encourage New Members to Start Participating in Classes Physical fitness classes are a great way to get people excited about fitness. If you haven’t added a class schedule to your gym, you need to get on it. Classes are the most popular part of fitness these days and if you’re not offering classes, people are going to get very bored of your basic equipment layout and most likely leave after a couple months. However, if you get someone addicted to their twice-weekly zumba classes, you better believe that they’re going to be coming back for more. Starting a weekly fitness class isn’t that difficult either. Sit down with your marketing team...

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FitnessTexter Custom Text Message Marketing Materials for Your Business

Last Updated on Oct 16, 2018

Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the free marketing materials that we provide your business when you start using FitnessTexter. That’s right, when you start a 10-day free trial of FitnessTexter for your gym, we’ll photoshop the below marketing materials for your gym. We’ll pull your logo from your website and use the address that’s on your website as well. In the examples below, we’re using a fake business called Intense Training & Fitness. For our example, they’ve decided to use ITFITNESS as their FitnessTexter texting code, and they’re offering a Free Week Pass to anyone that signs up. These will give you a head start in promoting your FitnessTexter keyword in your various marketing channels. If you’d rather design your own, be our guest. These are mostly for small fitnesses businesses that don’t have a graphic designer on the payroll. Here’s a rundown of the social media, website and print materials that we send you once you start your 10-day free trial: Social Media Marketing Materials These three marketing materials are by far the most used by FitnessTexter clients. They’re perfectly-sized to post on Facebook and Instagram, drop into a blog post, or add to your homepage pop-up (like Larry North Fitness did). Printable PDF Flyer The standard printable PDF flyer is great for bringing to Kinkos, printing out 25 and putting up around town. If you’re located in a residential area, put some up on the light poles in town (make sure it’s legal first). Otherwise, put them up at local businesses. Walk in the door, introduce yourself to the business owner and see if they’d be willing to let you up a flyer up in their door. Most small business owners are more than happy to help out other small business owners. If you’ve got a graphic designer in house, or a friend that does it, feel free to let them design your own marketing materials. They’ll be able to incorporate any specific branding guidelines that your business follows. Use ours as a simple template for designing your...

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5 Gym Website Tips to Increase Your Membership Base

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

It’s no secret that as a gym owner, having a website is part of the success equation. Think of your website as the first impression your prospects get of your business. When they glance at your website, you want them to get an accurate representation of the type of training you offer and why they should be part of it. If you’re looking to increase your membership base this year, here are some website tips to help the visibility and conversion rate of your website. 1. Keep it Updated Let’s face it, having a website can be hard work. Even simple changes like updating schedules and testimonials can be time consuming. However, these updates are crucial. What if a prospect is looking at your current class schedule but it hasn’t been updated for that week? Or what if you forget to update your gym’s address when you switch locations? These small errors can mislead potential members and end up casting a bad first impression. 2. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a strategy to help your website gain stronger visibility in the search engines. Without SEO, your website might not be visible on the first page of Google when a prospect is looking for gyms in your area – making it hard for prospects to know your gym exists. If you’re spending time and money on a website for your gym, the last thing you want is for your hard work to be hidden. Take advantage of SEO to ensure that your website shows up. 3. Calls-to- Action What is the goal of your website? If the goal is to keep current members engaged and encourage prospects to sign up for a membership, the only way to get those results are through calls-to-action. Want website visitors to sign up for a free trial? Great! Give them a clear option to do so on the homepage. Adding a few calls-to- action across your website is a simple way to generate leads without having to lift a finger. 4. Mobile Friendly The majority of people searching for local gyms will be doing it on their mobile phone. Therefore, it’s important that your website is mobile friendly. This means...

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