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3 Fun Group Fitness Classes Every Gym Should Have

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2017

Does your gym have any fitness classes or are you a free weights kind of place? If you’re not adding fitness classes to your gym class schedule, you’re probably losing money because they’re so popular right now. If you’re thinking about adding a fitness class to your studio’s current class schedule, below are three fun classes that don’t take much work to add but can add a lot of money to your bottomline. You’ll have to go through some type of certification or another, but the results will be new members, busier classes and happier current members. Get on it!

Become a Les Mills Certified Business

les mills pictureSome would say that Les Mills is the global leader in fitness classes, and we have a hard time disagreeing with them. They’re the creator of classes like BodyPump, BodyCombat and BodyJam, just to name a few. They have various training certification options for people who are interested in becoming a certified-trainer. Adding a Les Mills class to your lineup is a great way to get a new set of fitness people into your doors. Free weights are great and all, but if you’re looking to get classes started, Les Mills is a perfect place to start.

Add some African Dancing with Bokwa Fitness

paul mavi bokwaIf you haven’t heard about Bokwa fitness, that’s okay, they’re the new kid on the dancing block. Some claim that they’re trying to outdo Zumba, and who knows, maybe they will one day. Either way, Bokwa is a new dancing workout company that is starting to get more and more popular. Bokwa differentiates itself from other dancing routines by not having any set choreography and by not having to do any formal step-counting. It’s simply about dancing and enjoying the music, while simultaneously getting a good workout in the meantime. Sounds great to us! Getting certified doesn’t take long, nor is it a large investment.

Get Hanging with some TRX Training Classes

If you’ve been inside most gyms lately, you’ve surely seen TRX straps hanging from the ceiling. Most baby boomers aren’t interested in putting on mass, they want to stay flexible and within a healthy margin. TRX is great for these people. There’s no added weights in a TRX class, it’s purely using your body against itself. TRX classes are a great way to get people into your gym who might otherwise might not be interested in the “gym lifestyle.” TRX isn’t about getting ripped, it’s about getting in shape and staying in shape; which is exactly what many people are looking for tehse days. Getting certified isn’t that hard either. They have various programs for people who wants to get certified in different class styles.

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