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Since 2011, over 500 fitness businesses have used FitnessTexter to generate 20,000 leads and thousands in additional membership revenue.

Watch the 45-second video below explaining how FitnessTexter works and then sign up for a 10-day free trial.

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FitnessTexter only works for fitness businesses located in the USA.

Here are some of the businesses that have used FitnessTexter

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Examples of gyms using FitnessTexter to generate more leads & members.

How FitnessTexter Works

To generate even more leads, put your texting promotion on business cards, mailers, billboards, newsletters, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, etc.

Step 1: A Little Backstory on FitnessTexter

patrick-jones-boost-fitness-marketingHi, I’m Patrick Jones. I created FitnessTexter in 2011 to give gyms an easy way to increase their membership using text messaging. Since then, I’ve personally set up FitnessTexter for over 500 fitness businesses.

FitnessTexter is a custom texting code that generate leads. You’ve probably seen other gyms using one, like this example:

“Text WIFIT to 95577 to receive a Free Week Pass at Wisconsin Fitness Center!”

All you need to do is add your FitnessTexter code to your website, Facebook, flyers, etc. People see your code, text it to 95577, receive your promotion and you get a “new lead” email with the person’s contact info. Simple!

To avoid any confusion about what FitnessTexter does: If you’re looking for a way to send text message blasts, you’re in the wrong place. Uploading lists of phone numbers and sending mass texts is a great way to annoy people. I don’t do that and you shouldn’t either. However, if you’re looking for a easy way to convert your website traffic and Facebook fans into new gym members, FitnessTexter is the answer. Don’t take my word for it though.

Step 2: Read Some FitnessTexter Testimonials

*Results may vary from person to person

Robert Jaroszuk
Robert Jaroszuk Owner: Rise Fitness | Location: Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

Patrick, Just so you know. I’ve spent several thousands over the last year trying different companies and all their promises, and you are by far the best. Great service, great results, the real deal.

Kelly Woodruff
Kelly Woodruff Partner | Redpoint CrossFit

I’m averaging about 15-20 leads a month using FitnessTexter. If I’m not getting 3 new members a month, I need to fire my coaches. If I get 3 new members a month and retain them, by month 4, that’s a total of 12 members from FitnessTexter. That’s over $1200 for the month.

Krista Samsel
Krista Samsel Manager | KnockOut Zone

FitnessTexter is the highest return on investment we have ever received in our business. We have generated thousands in new revenue and also boosted our electronic fund transfers in a very short amount of time.

There are a lot more testimonials here!

Step 3: Watch this Short Video Explaining FitnessTexter
Step 4: How Much Does it Cost?

FitnessTexter costs $55/Month. Month-to-Month. No Contracts. No Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

To make sure your free trial is successful, I provide your business with a Facebook flyer, a website banner, and 8×11 PDF window signs that advertise your texting keyword and promotion. It’s your job to get these up on your FB page and website so that people learn about your deal.

Step 5: Sign Up for a Free Trial

The 10-day free trial is pretty much black or white. You’ll either generate enough leads that you’re convinced to continue using FitnessTexter, or you won’t. Plain and simple. Most gyms generate 6-10 leads during their free trial (some have gotten over 20). Post the flyers/banners and you’ll generate leads, I promise.

Still have some questions? Give me a call: 303-223-5924

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If you have received a text message from phone number 95577, and wish to stop receiving text messages from 95577, simply text the word STOP to 95577. You’ll instantly be erased from the texting lists of which you are subscribed. Only fitness businesses can use FitnessTexter. If you received a message from 95577 that was not from a fitness business, it was sent from another company, not FitnessTexter LLC. FitnessTexter doesn’t allow users to send text messages to lists of contacts. You cannot upload contacts or “build lists” using FitnessTexter. Only 3 outbound messages get sent regarding the gym’s deal. That’s it. FitnessTexter LLC neither provides lists of phone numbers nor do we access our clients’ contact lists. FitnessTexter is a 100% opt-in service.

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