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FitnessTexter is a custom text-messaging code that you put on all your business marketing materials to increase leads and membership.

Here’s How Gyms Use FitnessTexter to Increase Membership

Look at the pictures below to see how gyms use their texting code on their Facebook page, website, Instagram, yard signs and more.

Example FitnessTexter for Bullet Fitness
“Text BULLETFIT to 95577 for a Free Week Pass!”

Example FitnessTexter for Yoga Austin
“Text ATXYOGA to 95577 for a Free Week Pass!”

FitnessTexter Testimonials
Kelly Woodruff
Kelly Woodruff Partner | RedPoint CrossFit

I’m averaging about 15-20 leads a month using FitnessTexter. If I’m not getting 3 new members a month, I need to fire my coaches. If I get 3 new members a month and retain them, by month 4, that’s a total of 12 members from FitnessTexter. That’s over $1200 for the month.

Steve Krusemark
Steve Krusemark Owner | 9Round Kickboxing of Plano, TX

I’m very pleased with the number of new leads generated by FitnessTexter. In the past 3 months, I’ve been averaging almost 50 new leads and 10 new memberships sales per month. We’d have even more sales if we did a better job closing and following up.

Robert Jaroszuk
Robert Jaroszuk Owner | Rise Fitness

I’ve spent several thousands over the last year trying different companies and all their promises, and you are by far the best. Great service, great results, the real deal.

Krista Samsel
Krista Samsel Manager | KnockOut Zone

FitnessTexter is the highest return on investment we have ever received in our business. We have generated thousands in new revenue and also boosted our electronic fund transfers in a very short amount of time.

Natalie Spencer
Natalie Spencer General Manager | The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center

FitnessTexter has been a game changer for both our fitness centers and our cross training facility! By adding FitnessTexter to our website, social media, business cards, flyers, and virtually all other marketing avenues, we get a high volume of motivated, quality leads. In 5 months, we’ve added 75 memberships to our clubs from the leads generated by FitnessTexter! In today’s tech savvy world, FitnessTexter is a MUST HAVE in your gym business!

There are a lot more testimonials here!

*Results vary from business to business. Sign up for a free trial and see how it works for your gym.

Since 2011, over 500 gyms in the United States have used FitnessTexter to generate more than 20,000 new member leads.

FitnessTexter is not a mass-texting service. Sending “text blasts” annoys people (and is illegal in some cases). We don’t “blast” and neither should you.

FitnessTexter is a one-time text message lead generation service. When someone signs up for your deal, they get your coupon and one reminder message, that’s it. We don’t want to annoy them.

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