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3 Simple Ways to Use Instagram at Your Gym

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Instagram is a great way for fitness businesses to gain a social media following, while simultaneously helping them to get new fitness members. We personally feel that Instagram is much more social and interactive than Facebook. Facebook marketing has its place in the fitness word, but Instagram adds a bit more excitement to the mix. Below are 3 easy ways to start using Instagram at your fitness business, be it a yoga studio, CrossFit box, kickboxing studio, martial arts center, you name it!

Take Post-Workout Pictures of Your Members on the Floor

The sweat angel is a huge part of the CrossFit community. After a particularly grueling workout, members tend to take a 5 minute breather while laying on the floor. When they get up from this position, they typically leave a “sweat angel” on the floor. Think “snow angel” of the workout world. When you post a member’s sweat angel, they’re going to “like” your picture and most likely repost it on their own Instagram feed. It’s a great way to encourage your members to interact with your Instagram profile while also helping to demonstrate the types of kick butt workouts that you have at your fitness facility. Think about adding your FitnessTexter texting code to your Instagram pictures. It’s a great way to get new gym members while also building your Instagram following.

Before & After Pictures of Personal Training Clients

If you’re a personal trainer, you better start posting before and after pictures! There’s no better way to promote your personal training services than by showing what you’ve done for your clients. First and foremost, make sure that you get the “okay” from your client. You don’t want to be posting pictures that they don’t want to be on the internet; because once something is on the internet, it never goes away. Make it a point to post a weekly before-after picture for your clients. Your clients will love showing off the picture to their friends, and you’ll definitely start getting some new clients from people who saw their friends results picture and want to get similar results for themselves.

Post Inspirational Pictures & Funny Gym Memes

If you’re looking to build your Instagram follower count for your gym, there’s no better way to do it than by posting funny gym memes or inspirational quote memes. I’ve found myself spending hours on Instagram, bouncing from one inspirational quote picture to another; it’s super addicting! If you find a good account, you usually start following them so that you’ll see their posts in the future. Funny gym memes are a great way to poke fun at yourself. Everyone likes someone who can laugh at themselves, and posting gym memes works perfectly for this.

Add Your FitnessTexter Code to the Bottom of Pictures

how-fitnesstexter-works-texting-sms-keywordIf you’re going to be posting lots of pictures on Instagram, it’s definitely a smart idea to add your FitnessTexter code in the caption of each picture. Since you’ll have hundreds of potential new members looking at your pictures, it makes sense to have your texting code in the caption. Someone who is interested in your business can simply text your code in and they’ll get your promotional offer and you’ll a new lead out of the situation. Win win!

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