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3 Steps to Starting a Monthly Newsletter for Your Yoga Studio

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Though a lot of businesses are getting away from the monthly email newsletter (they are too 90s), there are still many advantages to having an active business newsletter. First, it gives you a great way to notify all your members up coming changes at your yoga studio. Perhaps the Saturday 1pm class is now going to be starting at 2pm. Instead of putting up flyers around your business, you can simply send out a newsletter blast to everyone, detailing the changes. Second, having a newsletter gives you an easy way to promote new classes at your business, instructors that you just hired, you name it. Building the list of your email newsletter takes time, but with effort, you’ll soon have several hundred people who are reading your newsletter every time it gets sent. Below you’ll find three simple steps to starting a monthly email newsletter at your yoga/pilates studio.

1. Set Up a Cheap Tablet with Your Newsletter Opt-In

Once you’ve done the logistic of signing up with a newsletter service, such as MailChimp or ConstantContact, you can start building your mailing list. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy a bare-bones tablet from Amazon, and set it up at your front desk with a nice little sign encouraging members to join your mailing list. Nearly all newsletter services have a widget for joining your list, so it’s as simple as opening that widget on your tablet and getting people to fill in their info. Every time a member walks by the front desk, they’ll see the tablet and be encouraged to join the mailing list. If you make your newsletter worth reading (see step 3), then you’ll get them to join a lot faster.

2. Ask All New Members if they Want to Receive Your Newsletter

One of the easiest ways to start building your mailing list is to have all new members join it. This is as simple as asking them when they fill out your new member contract if they wish to join your mailing list. If you have an online membership form for your business, it’s as simple as adding a radio button at the bottom of the form, asking them if they want to join the mailing list. Takes just a few seconds and you’ll instantly start filling up that mailing list.

3. Create a Monthly Giveaway so People Read Your Newsletter

Okay, so you’ve finally started getting people to sign up for your yoga studio’s monthly newsletter. Now comes the hard part, making it worth reading! If you’ve spent all this time building your mailing list, you’re going to want to make it worthwhile to read so that when your members see it in their inbox, they open it up instead of sending it to the trash. That said, think about offering a monthly giveaway, that is only possible if you read the newsletter. Perhaps your members need to find the special code word in the newsletter and use that to entering the free membership drawing. Whatever it may be, make sure your newsletter adds some value to their day, otherwise they’ll never read it and your unsubscribes will start flowing it at record speed.

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