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3 Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your Fitness Business

Last Updated on Dec 15, 2017

Social media isn’t just for stalking your exes and wasting time at work. When used correctly, social media can play a major role in the marketing of a successful fitness business. No need to hire a social media coordinator or even get a student intern. The following 3 tips are easy to do and will provide great dividends.

Use Facebook to Publish Photos & Testimonials

First and foremost, your fitness business needs to have a Facebook page. Use it to disseminate information to your current members. Talk about the WOD, upcoming classes, cancellations, etc. Post interesting articles that relate to your fitness industry and encourage members to share them. If “Suzy Yoga Girl” sees a cool article that you posted on yoga technique, she might decide to stop by your studio to give your place a try. It’s all about creating awareness within your geographic location and target market. Lastly, post photos of your facility, your members, and create a “Weekly Testimonial” post. Every business owner knows just how important customer testimonials are, just look at ours!

Make a Google+ Business Page to Get Better Search Results

Do you have a Google+ page yet? If the answer is no, then why not?By creating a Google+ page, you’ll immediately start ranking higher in search engine results.

Also, with a Google+ page, when someone searches for your business name, your additional locations and reviews information will pop up in the right hand column (Look at the red arrows to the right ;)). Click here to get started creating your Google+ page. As with all Google products, it’s totally free!

If you have more questions about creating a Google+ Business page, check out this great tutorial.

Use Twitter to Generate Brand Awareness

The first rule of Twitter for Business is, “Don’t Use it as a Sales Platform.” All to often, small businesses feel that they need to post “Come check out our business” kind of tweets. This is the wrong mentality to have. It’s better to use Twitter as a conversation platform to talk with your target market. If you’re a yoga studio, tweet answers to people’s yoga questions or if you’re a CrossFit, start a hashtag talking about that day’s WOD. There are so many avenues to use Twitter, just don’t use it as a sales platform. If you’re constantly bantering back and forth with potential clients and other businesses in your industry, people will take note of your brand, and that’s worth more than anything.