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3 Tips to Get More Retired Women into Your Fitness Business

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

There’s no doubt about it, the baby boomer economy is doing just that, booming! If you’re in any type of business right now, and you’re not catering to the thousands of baby boomers that retire every single day, you’re making a huge business mistake. Focusing in on the fitness industry, the female boomer population is sorely underrated. Most gyms make their biggest mistake by spending most of their time trying to attract your 20-30 year old men, when they are the worst gym members. They jump from gym to gym and don’t always have adequate discretionary income. Female baby boomers, on the other hand, have money to spend and time on their hands; they’re truly the perfect supplement to your gym’s already bustling membership base. If you’re not focusing on increasing gym membership via the AARP highway, you need to sit down and read the next three tips to get started in the right direction.

Introduce Low-Stress Exercise Classes

Don’t get me wrong, I love some ass-kicking cardio classes, but I don’t like heart attacks. When I finish a cardio class, I like having to mop up the floor from all the sweat. However, I’m a 30-year old guy, not a 70 year old female retiree. Start slow. Purchase some senior-focused workout DVDs to get an idea of where to start designing your classes. Too hard and you’ll scare away members. That said, make it a point to have some very low impact classes at your facility. Think of those old 1980s wataerobics classes, but translate that into a gym class of the 2010s. Even Zumba might be a bit too much for your older female gym members. If you’re looking to get more retired women into your gym, do you research and find out what’s popular in that age demographic. You need to keep your members happy and they’ll stick around for the long haul.

Have Female Personal Trainers on Staff

This is true for almost every gym, but especially gyms that are trying to increase their adult female membership numbers. Many people, guys included, can be intimidated when they have to work with a “jacked” personal trainer. Many people are so nervous or embarassed that they don’t even want to show up when they think they’ll be letting their trainer down. That said, having female personal trainers on site is a great way to keep the “trainer anxiety” to a minimum for your older female gym members. These ladies are most likely not looking to get cut and into bikini shape like your younger female gym members. They just want to tone up and being able to work with a respectful female personal trainer can make all the difference between them becoming a long term member of your gym or leaving after the first few months.

Focus Class Hours Around the “Retiree Schedule”

You average female baby boomer is going to be waking up rather early and going to bed rather early. That said, make sure you have classes that focus in on these hours. Most gyms have their way-to-early-for-most-people classes that start at 6AM. This is totally unnecessary for you female boomer crowd. They had to wake up early for their career for the last 30 years, so they’re going to be sleeping in until at least 7AM every day. Start your boomer classes around 8am or 9am and you’ll see a nice steady participation of active older ladies. Most gyms also have some very dead hours between their lunchtime lifters and the after work folks. This is another good time to focus on having an adult females class. No one wants to feel claustrophobic in your gym, so having classes when the rest of the gym is empty is a good idea.

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