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3 Ways to Attract More Couples to Join Your Fitness Facility

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a way to increase your gym’s revenue, you might want to look into couple’s memberships. They’re popular for golfing and many other sports, but they haven’t seem to catch on yet in the fitness world. Couples are truly the “kill two birds with one stone” kind of membership niche. You only have to sell the membership to one person, but you’re going to be making the revenue of two. First and more foremost, make it a point to offer couples memberships to anyone who comes in the door. Train your sales staff to start asking, “Do you have a significant other that might want to join?” Beyond those basics, here are three simple ways to attract more couples to your gym or workout facility.

Offer Couples Membership Discounts

As humans, it’s been shown that we’re hardwired to seek discounts. Getting more couples into your gym isn’t that difficult. Keeping them around might be a little difficult. If one half of the partnership starts faltering, they might pressure the other half into canceling the membership to save money. Here is where the discounted membership comes in. You need to make sure that the cost of both of them is not the same as each one paying separately. If Jack doesn’t like going to the gym anymore and Jill is all about it, you need to give Jill some bargaining power when she goes up against Jack. If your membership is $50/month and a couples membership is $75, then it’s a pretty easy argument for Jill to say that it makes sense to keep the couples membership because if they give it up, she’ll be paying $50 and Jack will have to restart at $50 if he ever gets active again. People like discounts, what can you say!

Make Sure to Have Various Classes Available

Let’s face it. Not all guys like lifting free weights and not all girls like doing fitness classes. That said, you want to offer a variety of classes that can keep both parts of the couple excited. I, for one, have always been a fan of cardio yoga classes. I’m a 30 year old guy, but there’s nothing I dislike more than lifting free weights. If I go to a gym and they only have free weights, I’m not interested in signing up. However, if they have cardio yoga classes, I’m all in. If my girlfriend gets to do her squat rack, she’s a happy camper. Just make sure you have something for everyone so that each side of the couple is happy.

Encourage Socialization Meetups Between Couples

One way to get your couples members to stick around for a long time is to get them to become friends. If your gym can become a social event for them, you’ll have a good chance that they’ll keep paying membership because they always see their other couples friends there. Start having a monthly BBQ or social event for your gym. Invest a little money in food and drinks and get your members and couples members hanging out with one another. If you can help facilitate some friendships amongst your members, there’s a great chance they’ll stick around. It’s all about retaining who you have and finding even more!

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