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3 Ways to Get More Female Gym Clients

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Are you looking to increase your gym’s female client count? If so, you’re in the right place. It’s no surprise these days that the conversation about women’s only gyms keeps popping up on the internet. It’s something that is both supported and criticized. One one hand, you have people saying that it’s pointless to separate the sexes, and on the other, you have people saying that having single-sex workout places would be a nice addition to the fitness world. I’m not going to get to preachy and I’ll let you all form your own opinions.

What this article deals about is increasing your gym’s current female membership count. Female members pay just as much as male members, so if you can increase female membership, you’re going to increase your bottom line. It’s no secret that American women spend thousands per year on fitness and related products. That said, let’s get started.

Start Having Female-Only Classes & Workout Times

The idea of female-only gym hours started getting more popular a few years ago, and now there are more businesses starting to promote it. Don’t even think about complaining about it either, as this guy did. Some believe it can be a bit of a sexist business tactic, but most will agree it is not. It’s a great way to encourage women to come into your gym and work on their health in a safe environment, without the male stares.

Hire More Female Personal Trainers & Staff

First and foremost, are you already hiring female personal trainers? If not, get started! if so, do a staff count in your head right now. How many women do you have on your team? What is the percentage of women compared to men? If you’re trying to get more female gym members, it might be a good idea to hire more female staff and female personal trainers. When women walk into your facility, if all they see are male employees and male trainers, they might get a little intimidated and decide against being a member. However, if you have a healthy number of females trainers and employees, there will be a much better hormonal balance in your facility.

Encourage a Fun, Safe, Positive & Healthy Gym Environment

If there’s one thing that can turn off female gym members, it’s having to deal with the male gym gaze. It’s nearly impossible for a female to bend over in the gym without having any number of guys quickly glance at her butt or breasts. It’s this type of constant barrage of looks that can make any girl sour at the idea of going to the gym. That said, make it a point to encourage your current members to make it a safe and friendly location. If needed, you can even put up some signs in your locker rooms to encourage your members to be polite to one another, not stare too much, etc.