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3 Ways to Increase Pre-Opening Sales at Your Gym

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Having a successful presale event for your fitness business can be the difference between having a great opening year or shutting down for business before the first year even ends. As a new business, you need to accept the fact that you’re going to be be hemorrhaging money for at least the first six months. You’ve got a lot of money going out in the form of rent, insurance and salaries, and you don’t have a whole lot of money coming in. How can you improve this equation? Increase the amount of money coming in by having a successful presale. If you didn’t think that you’d need a presale, you’re in for a start surprise. Not all businesses are booming from day one. It’s best to have your coffers partially full before you even open for business. Below you’ll find three simple tactics that will help you sell more presale gym memberships and help increase your sales and revenue during the first few months.

Start Gym PreSale Months Before Opening

Lots of fitness business owners don’t start their presale events until they’re a couple weeks from opening. This is a horrible decision. Give yourself time! You’ve already got enough on your plate preparing for your grand opening event and first few weeks, the last thing you need as a business owner is to be hustling and selling presale memberships. Set up a small office near your “coming soon” gym and start selling memberships months before opening. Set up a FitnessTexter code in your windows to start generating leads. Have a MailChimp email newsletter area on your website so that people can sign up for your presale newsletter. The more people you get signed up beforehand, the smoother your first few months will go.

Be Willing to Give PreSale Membership Discounts

I’m not always a big fan of discounting memberships, but since it’s presale, the people who sign up are kind of doing you a favor. They don’t know your business and they’re already entrusting you with their hard-earned money before they even get to step foot inside your gym. That said, as a sign of appreciation, giving them a 3- or 6-month discounted membership can be seen as a sign of good faith. If it’s between having 50 discounted memberships and a big whopping zero of full-price memberships, which would you rather have?

Invest Heavily in PreSale Marketing & Advertising

Last but not least, make sure you invest heavily in your presale event. Buy a couple hundred fliers and get them up around your city. Use your FitnessTexter code to generate new member leads. Ask local businesses if you can put up flyers on their community boards. The more people who know about your business and its upcoming opening, the more presale memberships that you’ll be able to sell. It never hurts to offer discounts to the employees of the locations that are allowing you to use their bulletin board. It’s another way to get the word out. Maybe offer a 35% discount to any of the Starbucks workers that work at the facility where you’re putting your fliers. Every membership helps.

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