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3 Ways to Increase Your Yoga Studio’s Word of Mouth Advertising

Last Updated on Dec 7, 2017

Word of mouth advertising is the golden goose when it comes to getting more yoga students. It doesn’t cost a dime and it has some of the highest return on investment possible. When your students are happy and tell your friends about how great your yoga studio is, you’re instantly going to start generating more quality members for your business. However, increasing the amount of word of mouth advertising isn’t as simple as asking your members to tell their friends; it needs to be organic. You need to make your members WANT to tell their friends about your studio. How does one go about encouraging more word of mouth marketing? That’s where we come in. You need to remember, running a yoga studio is running a business. Treat it like one. If you’re not ready to turn your hobby into a profession, that’s okay. However, if you are, keep reading. Below you’ll find three easy techniques to get more word of mouth marketing for your yoga studio.

1. Create a Refer-a-Friend Discount Program

If your yoga studio doesn’t have a refer a friend program yet, you better get on it. There’s no better way to encourage your current members to tell their friends than giving out a small discount for every friend they refer. I’ve written about the benefits of refer-a-friend programs before, but I’ll go over it again. If you charge $100 per month for membership and you give out a $50 credit for every member referred, you’re still making money. Jill pays $100 for membership. She refers her friend Sarah. That month, Sarah pays $100 and Jill pays $50. The next month Jill refers Kyle. Kyle and Sarah pay $100 that month, and jill pays $50. In month two, you’re still earring $250 for 3 members, even though one members has referred two new members. It might sound like a lot to give a 50% monthly discount for ever referral, but you’re still going to be making money in the end.

2. Have a Weekly Bring-a-Friend Class

Let’s say that your members are talking with their friends about your yoga studio outside of class. That’s great! However, talking is one thing, but getting them to convince their friends to join is a while different story. Why not give your members another easy to brag to their friends and start offering a weekly bring-a-friend class. It’s the easiest way your members can put their money where their mouth is when they’re taking about your yoga studio with friends. “Hey, you won’t believe how much fun our power yoga classes are!” “Whatever, I don’t believe it.” “No, for real, come with me on Saturday for bring a friend day and you’ll see.” “You have a bring-a-friend day at your studio? That’s so cool!” You’re going to get some new faces in your classes every weekend and you’re definitely going to give your current members a reason to brag about your studio. Not all studios are offering a free bring-a-friend class, so you’re sure to be getting some free word of mouth out around your city.

3. Encourage Current Members to Hang Out Outside of Class

Going along the line of having a free bring-a-friend class, another way to generate that all important word of mouth marketing is to encourage your members to hang out with one another outside of class. Let’s imagine the situation; two of your members become friends in class and start hanging out on the weekends. One day they’re hanging out with a third friend and your members begin talking about their yoga practice. Well, eventually friend three is going to ask which studio you go to. When they find out that your two members because friends BECAUSE of your yoga studio, it’s very possible that it will give him/her the encouragement to give your studio a try. How does one get members to become friends at the studio? Have some “Yoga Happy Hours” during the week. Buy some nice bubbly and invite your members to have a small glass of champagne after their nightly class (not before of course). A small glass of wine is a great way to start some conversations between members and you’re sure to get some new friendships as a result.