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4 Easy to Use Online Payment Processors for Fitness Businesses

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Online payment processing can be a major sore spot for small business owners, especially those that have to deal with monthly recurring billing. That said, there are quite a few high quality online software programs that can help fitness businesses collect payments. Some of them are purely for collecting payments while others offer more than enough tool to business owners to help make running their business a little bit easier. I have no paid affiliation with any of these companies. However, I did work for PaySimple as an online marketing associate back in 2013. During that time, I learned about all the other businesses since they were direct competitors to PaySimple’s product. There are no affiliate links in this post at all. You’re free to do your own research and figure out which one works best for you. If you need credit card chip reading equipment, Square has a great product on Amazon.

paysimpleBack when I was at PaySimple in 2013, their software platform was decent. From what I’ve seen looking at the new website and demo, they’ve added a ton to the platform since I worked there. It looks much more Web 2.0 that it did before. With PaySimple, you aren’t going to get any member management tools. You can store customer information, but it’s not going to be nearly as nice as using ZenPlanner, MindBody or Wodify. PaySimple’s power is in it’s payment processing. They have insanely good rates compared to many merchant account providers and the support team, located in Denver, is top-notch. You can do recurring billing and one-time payment processing very easily. They also have an appointment feature now too.

zenplannerZenPlanner offers more than just a payment processing platform, they offer a huge set of tools for nearly all types of fitness businesses from multi-purpose gyms to yoga studios to MMA gyms. They offer billing, scheduling, workout tracking, retails sales features and tons more. Another Colorado business, they’re known for having a kickass support crew as well. I think this points to something important about Colorado people. 🙂

wodifyWodify is the go-to business management application for CrossFit boxes. Their name is a play-on-words of the name of CrossFit’s training style, workout-of-the-day (WOD). Wodify gives business owners a set of management tools as well as gym members a set of tools to track their workout performance. This feature sets it apart from a lot of the other gym management apps out there. With Wodify, you can keep track of all your athlete waivers, handle billing, send out email newsletters, and even manage employee payroll.

mindbodyMindBody is one of the biggest names in yoga studio management software. Nearly every yoga studio has or will have used MindBody at one point during their business lifecycle. MindBody is a Level-1 PCI payment processor. That means they follow the strictest guidelines to protect the credit card information that they are using to process payments. MindBody offers both apps for business owners as well as wellness-seekers, those looking for their next yoga or pilates studio. They offer their users a variety of business tools, ranging from billing and client management to marketing templates and merchandise sales. They do it all!