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4 Easy Ways to Get Your Gym More Twitter Followers

Last Updated on Dec 7, 2017

Is your gym using Twitter properly? If not, you might want to set up an account and get started. In today’s social media age, if you’re not connecting with your current members and prospective members on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat, you’re missing out on the opportunity to really start growing your membership. If you already have a Twitter profile for your fitness business and you’re looking to generate more followers (and hopefully more new members), check out these four simple steps below. If you’d rather curl up by the fire with some Twitter marketing books, be our guest.

Follow & Retweet Popular Athletes in Your Sport

If you’re a CrossFit box, you might want to start following Rich Froning or Christmas Abbott. If you’re a boxing gym, maybe you want to follow Floyd Mayweather. Either way, find the athletes that are important to your gym members and start following them on Twitter. When they post something that you think is relevant, ReTweet it to your followers. This is a great way to start curing content for your gym’s followers. Maybe they don’t actively use Twitter, but they love the fact that you’re always retweeting informational tweets from athletes they respect.

Start Sending Daily Gym Updates to Your Followers

Another way to start getting more Twitter followers for your gym is to start sending out a daily update, be it a Daily WOD (in the case of CrossFit’s), or maybe the trainer’s name and workout style for your bootcamp class. Something as simple as “Kelly’s doing her famous Ab Burner class at 6pm tonight. Hope to see you there!” can help spread the word about your gym. If one of your current followers retweets that message to their friends, you might pick up a few new followers for your business. Tweeting class schedules and updates is both a great way to keep your member’s informed, as well as a way to slowly start building your followers list. If you got all your current members to start following you, you’d start getting toward a critical mass of followers.

Create “Free Membership” Follower Drawing

If you’re trying to get more followers for your gym and you’re willing to give away a free membership every once in a while, then you might want to start a new follower membership raffle. Make sure to read up on the rules first. Encourage people to start following you. At the end of every month, take that month’s new followers, put them into a hat, and draw out one of them for a free month of membership. Once word spreads that you’re giving out a free monthly membership, you’re going to have a lot of people starting to follow your account. Once you think you’re at a healthy number of followers, pull back the reins on the raffle and maybe only give out a free membership once per quarter or something along those lines.

Use a Messaging App & Content Calendar to Avoid Burnout

I’ll be the first one to admit it; managing multiple social media profiles can be very time confusing work. Back in the early days of Facebook and Twitter, you needed to be in front of your computer or phone at all times of the day in order to share, post and tweet stuff. Now, thanks to social media management tools(like SproutSocial or Hootsuite), you can create a content calendar and sit back and let the app do the work. Schedule a weekly tweet about exercise, a weekly inspirational quote, etc.