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4 Instagram Marketing Ideas for your Yoga & Pilates Studio

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Is your yoga studio using Instagram as a way to get more members? If not, you’re missing out on some yuuuuuge benefits. Instagram is going on 7 years old and it’s really starting to position itself as a valuable business marketing tool. There are more Instagram marketing books than you can shake a stick at (and some are REALLY highly rated).

Take a page of the the Kardashian handbook and start making your Instagram profile work for you. Below you’ll find 4 simple techniques that you can use at your pilates/yoga studio to start getting more members and increase your marketing reach.

Take Pictures of Your Current Members Doing Workouts

First things first, ask your current yoga students for permission if you can take their picture. Some people will gladly say yes, whereas there are some that will not want to be photographed. Make sure to respect those that wish to not be in pictures. Once you get the OKAY, start snapping pictures(sound off on phone) during your sessions. Try to capture the essence of your studio’s vibe. Once you think you’ve captured that perfect pic, upload it to your Instagram profile. Show your followers what a cool studio you have and hopefully you’ll encourage some new people to come and give your studio a try.

Create a Hashtag for Your Yoga/Pilates Studio

Hashtags are a great way for your studio to expands its marketing reach. Use your business’s name (#HeartSoulYoga) or use something unique like (#YogaInTheMoment). Make sure that your hashtag is unique, otherwise it won’t be connected to your business. Encourage all of your current members to start using the hashtag when they take pictures of themselves inside your studio. This is a great way to get your business name out their in front of their friends. If one of your members is a yogi celeb on Instagram, ask them to take a picture doing their most beautiful pose and then add your business’s hashtag.

Have a Member of the Month Featured on Instagram

One of the easiest ways to make your Instagram start generating new memberships is to create a member of the month club and feature them on your Instagram. Your criteria for choosing a member can be anything you want; just make sure it’s fair and unbiased. An easy way to pick your member can be a combination of most attendance and best attitude (you get the idea). Every month, choose a member, take a nice picture of them flashing their best yoga pose, and then post it on Instagram. Make sure to use your hashtag. Once the member reposts the picture on their social media profiles, your hashtag will be in front of tons of new potential members. Success!

Hold a Weekly “Best Instragram Yoga Post” Contest with Members

We all know that yogis out there love taking pictures of themselves doing some incredibly difficult. Why not take advantage of those posts and start having a pose contest with your current yoga students. Suggest to your members that they should Instagram themselves doing their most beautiful pose. They need to include your business’s hashtag as well, so that people who where they’re practicing yoga. When someone posts a picture, make sure to comment on it and repost it on your profile as well.