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4 Steps to Starting a High Intensity Interval Training Gym

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

High-intensity interval training has been getting more and more popular during the last few years. People are drawn to it for the great results it provides in such a short period of time. One of the main benefits of starting a HIIT fitness facility is that you aren’t going to have to make large equipment investments.

Develop Uniques Workout Routines for Each Class

There’s nothing worse than a repetitive fitness class. I used to do yoga at a large corporate yoga studio in Denver. I won’t name names, but it’s a well-known studio franchise. I really loved attending the yoga cardio bootcamp classes, but after a few weeks, you knew the routines inside and out. I would already start doing the next part of the routine before the instructor even yelled it out. Once you start creating your HIIT routines, make sure that you switch them up enough so that none of your students hit the boredom wall and quit attending. Between lunges, burpees, air squats, jumping jacks, and the myriad of other HIIT movements, you shouldn’t have any trouble making sure your routines are fast-paced and mentally stimulating.

Find a Building, Get Permits & Insurance

I’m not going to go too much into depth about this aspect of starting your business since it’s not directly related to the high-intensity interval training aspect of this blog post. However, make sure that you go about starting your business the right away. Get the permits you need, find a nice facility (not too big or too small), and make sure you buy some type of business insurance. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt at your gym and not have the insurance policy to cover their injuries. It happens, so be prepared.

Purchase Any Necessary Fitness Equipment

Since the majority of HIIT movements are bodyweight only, you’re not going to have to make sure a huge investment like a regular gym would have to make. However, you’re still going to need to purchase wooden boxes for box jumps, jump ropes, workout mats, amongst other things. You can go about building your own equipment, or you can buy it from any one of the large online fitness equipment providers. It’s up to you but remember, the better the equipment the better your gym’s image. If your members come to class and they’re using outdated, worn out and potentially dangerous equipment, they might not be coming back after their first class.

Marketing & Advertise The Crap Out of It!

Last but not least, get out there and start advertising your business. Give FitnessTexter a try. It’s a simple text message marketing code that you can put on all your advertising materials. When someone texts your code to 95577, they receive a special promotion for your business and you get an email with their phone number so you can give them a call and chat about coming in to take advantage of the promotion. Besides FitnessTexter, get some posters made, plaster them up around town, and maybe do some free outdoor classes so that you can get some passersby asking about what you’re doing. Make sure you have business cards on hand so that you can hand them out to people who show some interest.

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