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4 Ways to Boost Your CrossFit Box’s Monthly Revenue

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

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Monthly recurring revenue is the main source of income for nearly all CrossFit businesses. Every single month, month after month, you collect your membership dues from clients. Most gym owners and fitness companies (CrossFit boxes included) focus their energy on getting more and more members, which is great. However, instead of focusing so much energy on this aspect of revenue growth, there are other ways to increase your gym’s monthly revenue and revenue streams, without having to acquire hundreds of new members per year.

1. Add One-on-One (Pay-As-You-Go) Services

Do you have any current members who are looking to start competing? Is your workout whiteboard overflowing with insane PRs? What about members who can’t seem to break their PR after months of the same thing? If so, you’re in the perfect situation to start adding concierge training services, similar to the Freemium model that start-ups use. Most of your members are probably happy with their monthly improvements. However, I can almost guarantee that you’ve got a couple that really want to level up but haven’t been able to do so. That said, start advertising one-on-one training sessions at your box. These are going to be focused at helping people get ready for competition or for setting new PRs. Don’t gouge prices, but set their around $25-$50 per hour-long session. If you can sell just 20 of these sessions every month, you’re adding another $1,000 to your monthly bottom line and $12,000 to your yearly revenue. Just think if you could hit 40 a month?!?

2. Level Up Your Merchandise Sales Game

There’s a good chance that you’re already selling merch at your box. However, instead of selling the basic stuff like hoodies and t-shirts, start incorporating higher margin items into your sales program. Squatting shoes, wrist wraps, compression shirts, the works. There’s a good chance that the majority of your members are buying their equipment online because they can’t find a local place that sells what they need. BE THAT LOCAL SPOT. Instead of telling your members that they can “order through you” to get a deal, actually make the investment to get the product into your facility. It’s much easier to sell an item to someone when it’s in their hands and they have cash on hand. Asking them to wait two weeks while you wait for your monthly shipment to come in is asking a lot.

3. Lease Out Your Additional Space to Other Businesses

How many square feet is your facility? If you’re lucky enough to have a large facility, there’s a good chance that you could make a little extra cash by renting out your facility when you’re not utilizing it 100%. Make sure you contact your insurance agency before you start doing this to make sure that your policy will still cover you in the event of an accident. If you have an extra room at your facility, you can rent this out to private personal trainers who want to give workouts in your facility when you’re not holding workouts. You can also look around for a martial arts business that needs space. Work out times where they can use your facility for their lessons. Perhaps you give them every evening from 3pm to 4pm (when the kids get out of school) and something in the morning for their adults classes.

4. Incorporate Supplement Sales Program into Mix

Last but not least, there’s always the possibility of adding a supplement sales program to your current sales mix. This is a great way to boost monthly membership, especially if you decide on a quality product that gives good results and has decent margins for your business. I’m not going to list any businesses here since I don’t want to have any bias. However, there are many good brands out there that have sales programs. If you’re going to include perishable products, you’ll need to invest in a refrigerator, but the invest will pay off when you can start selling raw/organic/paleo food. Sit down with your marketing team and figure out which company you want to start working with. Any reputable supplement company will assign you a rep that can answer your questions and suggest the best products for your business.