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4 Ways to Turn Your Facebook Fans into New Gym Members

Last Updated on Dec 7, 2017

How many Facebook followers does your gym have? 500? 1,000? 10,000? Having lots of social media fans isn’t going to make your business succeed; turning those social media fans into new gym members is what is going to make your business successful. First one, make sure you’re getting your followers the right way and not buying them. That’s bad business and won’t help your revenue at all. Once you’ve got a nice amount of followers, somewhere in the 500 to 1000 range, give the methods below a shot to start turning those Facebook fans into new clients. If you need to generate more followers on Facebook, go read the “bible” of FB marketing: Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes

Use FitnessTexter to Generate Leads Amongst Followers

FitnessTexter is a text message marketing system that helps gyms turn their website traffic and Facebook fans into new leads. It works by turning the gym’s name into a text message keyword. When an interested client texts the keyword to 95577, they receive a coupon (like a free week pass) to the gym, and the gym owner gets an email with the person’s contact info. It’s an easy way to start generating leads and can definitely boost your revenue.

Publicize a Bring a Friend Deal for Facebook Fans

If you’ve got a lot of Facebook fans, there’s a great chance that most of them are not members of your gym. If you’re trying to get those followers to become clients, why not post a Facebook flyer offering a Free Week Pass to any Facebook fan. Simply post an image on your Facebook wall that says “Print This & Show For a Free Week” and see how many new people you can get into your business.

Give a Promotion for a ‘Like’

With this method, you can kill two birds with one stone. Tell people to come into your facility and “Like” your page in front of them to receive a promotion, like a Free Week Pass or likewise. You’ll get people coming into your gym with their phones, ready to show you their “Like” and start working out. Piggyback this deal with your last one, the bring a friend deal, and you’ll have a whole boatload of people showing up ready to start working out.

Encourage Your Members to Check-In

There are some cool programs out there that encourage check-ins, one being SweatAngels. The more members that you get to check in, the more your Facebook followers will see these check-ins. It’s only a matter of time before all the people that are checking in start having an effect on your Facebook followers. They’ll see the check-ins and be encouraged to start going to the gym.

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