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5 Steps to Start a Pole Dancing Fitness Business

Last Updated on Mar 14, 2018

Are you thinking about starting a pole dancing fitness studio? If so, you’re in the right place. Pole fitness has been getting lots of publicity and more popular during the last few years and if you’ve had the inkling that it might be a good time to start one, you might be right. The health benefits of pole dancing are ridiculous. It’s a great way to lose weight, tone your body and have fun while doing it. Sounds like the opposite of indoor cycling if you ask me.

We were at FitnessTexter have put together the 5 first steps to getting started in the pole dancing fitness industry. Once you’re up and running, if you need a way to get more leads and more members, please give us a try. Watch for an upcoming post on purchasing your pole dancing equipment. It’s going to be a huge investment, so make sure you buy good quality equipment.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Develop a Pole Dancing Business & Marketing Plan

First and foremost, you’re going to need to work out a business plan for your new pole dancing studio. Are you going to be a single-owner business or are you taking on investors? If you need investors, that’s a whole different blog post. If you’re self-funding the business or working with a partner, figure out how much you’re going to need to invest to get started. Then figure out how much you’re willing to lose during the first year. Businesses don’t make money from the start, so prepare to have at least 6 months where you’re working at a loss. You’ll need to have plenty of funds to burn through before you start turning a profit.

One of the main reasons that small businesses fails is because they’re not prepared to bleed money for awhile. It’s part of the business and if you’re not ready to lose money at the start, you probably should go back to the safe office job (that you hate) instead of starting a business. Running a business isn’t the easiest things in the world, but it definitely gives you a sense of accomplishment like nothing else can. Take your time and write a good business plan. It’ll pay dividends in the end. A well-written business plan is also the most essential step to getting investors (and unless you’re a millionaire, you’re going to need investors).

Start with a Small Studio and Work Your Way Up

One of the easiest ways to fail in the small business world is to start too big. Everyone thinks that their business is going to explode from the time they open the doors, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re a new business, you’re going to have to start from something small and work your way to something bigger. There’s not need to have a huge studio that you can barely fill when you would be just as suited to have a small studio that is consistently filled with people. You can always open a second location when your first location gets too popular, and you’ll have the funds to start a second location if that’s the case. However, if you rent too big and don’t have enough people to fill it, those monthly rent payments will soon become your worst enemy. There’s nothing wrong with having a small business that is always busy than a big business that is always empty. No one likes being in an empty yoga class, and the same goes with pole dancing.

Hire/Contract Qualified Trainers with Teaching Attitudes

Unless you’re a talented pole dancing fitness instructor, you’re going to need to find trainers for your business. This is no different than starting a yoga studio or starting a personal training business; you need trainers and you’ll have to pay. You can either become a trainer yourself by doing some type of pole dancing certification like this or this, or you can put the word out that you’re hiring dancers.

Either way, find some good trainers and make sure they’re interested in the TRAINING aspect of the business. Just because a girl is exceedingly talented at dancing on the pole doesn’t mean she can teach stay-at-home moms how to spin around a pole. Make sure they’re interested in both side of the business before you contract them. There’s nothing worse than having an instructor, be it swimming, dancing, or whatever, that doesn’t appreciate the art of teaching. You need to enjoy teaching before you start doing it.

Buy Your Pole Dancing Studio Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of pole dancing studios is that the equipment investment is going to be relatively small compared to that of a weight-training facility. You’ll need to install some hardwood or similar floors, install some heavy-duty dance poles, and add mirrors to all your walls. Once you’ve got those, it’s just a matter of putting a little paint on the walls, building a website, and getting your business flyers produced. Make sure to invest in some high-quality materials. I’m sure you’ve been in a business before and noticed the low-quality equipment. It immediately shows that the business owner is more worried about their finances than the enjoyment of their clients.

Market Your Business Like Your Life Depends on It

It’s go time. You’ve got everything set up to start your business. Now it’s just a matter of getting people in the door. You’ll want to have some flyers produced so that you can put them up at the local college campus, book store, grocery stores, etc. Get some business cards so that you can hand them to interested people when you get into a conversation while you’re out and about in the city. As we said in the past step, you’re going to need to have a website built. This is going to cost you about $2000, but without a website, you’re going to lose legitimacy. After that, go out there and search for clients. It’ll take time, but if you put effort into it, you’ll see results. If you’re not busting your ass trying to make your business successful, it won’t be. It’s not going to be an easy process, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll see success.