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5 Ways FitnessTexter Helps Increase Yoga Studio Membership

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

FitnessTexter is the text message marketing service that has been serving fitness businesses since 2011. If you’ve ever seen a gym promoting a Free Week Pass like this: “Text GYM-NAME-HERE to 95577 for a Free Week Pass”, then you’ve seen FitnessTexter in action.

FitnessTexter is also a great solution for yoga studios, be it large corporate facility like CorePower or a local studio. It’s a simple way to increase yoga studio membership and increase yoga revenue. Below are 5 ways that FitnessTexter will help grow your yoga studio. If you’re looking to try FitnessTexter at your yoga studio, sign up for a free trial at the bottom of this article.

1. Helps Convert Yoga Studio Website Traffic into New Members
If you have a yoga studio, we sure hope you have some type of website. It’s 2015 and if you don’t have a website for your yoga studio, you should probably get one. Check out the talented designer Mat Vogels. He’s a friend of our business who makes sexy sites!

Anyways. Figure that you have 100 people visiting your website a week. How many of those people are you converting into new yoga students? With FitnessTexter, you can put your FitnessTexter deal on your homepage and you’ll start getting new leads right away.

2. Gets Sidewalk Window Shoppers to Try Your Studio
When you start your 10-day free trial of FitnessTexter, we will send you 3 8×11 window signs to put up in your windows. If you’re in a good location, there’s a chance that a lot of people are walking by your business and looking in your windows. With your FitnessTexter window signs, you’ll be able to start converting those window shopper into new yoga students.

3. Turns Facebook Fans of your Yoga Studio in New Members
Like most yoga studios, we’re sure you already have a Facebook page. However, are you really utilizing it to the full? Social media is a true game changer for businesses and if you’re not using it, you need to be. When you start using FitnessTexter, we’ll photoshop your current FB cover photo and include your FitnessTexter deal. Then, every time that someone visits your homepage, they’ll see your FitnessTexter deal and you’ll start getting new yoga member leads.

4. Amplifies the Effectiveness of Your Current Yoga Marketing Materials
Are you already sending out a monthly newsletter for your yoga studio? Do you have a member of the month mailer? Regardless of if you do, it’s always a great idea to get your FitnessTexter deal on your flyers, mailers, and business cards. Now, every person who sees your business materials will see your FitnessTexter deal.

5. Helps Yoga Studio Owners Build Community Instead of Chasing New Leads
Most yoga business owners agree, it sucks looking for new members. You’d rather be building relationships with your clients instead of marketing and trying to find new members. Well, now you’re in luck. With FitnessTexter, you can sit back and let it work. Once you get it up on your website, Facebook, and windows, you’ll start getting new yoga member leads and you can spend more time building community at your studio.

Sign up for a 10-day free trial of FitnessTexter today!