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5 Ways to Get More Adult Karate & Martial Arts Students

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

Adult karate students are definitely the most sought-after student. They have money and are looking for long-term gains. Most martial arts studios cater toward teaching kids karate classes. Thought there’s nothing wrong with having a mostly youth-based karate studio, you’ll increase your studio revenue and membership volume if you can start getting more adult martial students. Here are 5 different tactics you can try to boost adult membership:

1. Advertise in Adult-Oriented Locations

If you want adult karate and martial arts students, you need to start advertising in locations where you’ll find that clientele. This includes places like bars, grocery stores, pool halls, yoga studios, basketball courts, you name it. Figure out where some of the popular adult-locations are in your city and ask to put up some FitnessTexter flyer. If people in your city haven’t hear about your karate studio before, they sure will now.

2. Incorporate Cardio & Fitness into Your Program

Let’s face a few basic truths. Most people think karate is for kids and martial arts is not a good workout. It’s sad, but true. Also, most people think of martial arts as a self-defense thing that is only about mental strength. Wrong wrong wrong!

However, to combat these issues, you need to teach them. Some people are interested in taking a self-defense class, but they don’t consider it a workout. However, if you were to incorporate an aspect of cardio or fitness into your training, you might be able to get some of older men students. They’re always looking to stay in shape, and doing a high-speed kickboxing class might be just up their alley.

3. Hold MMA Watch Parties at your Studio

MMA has become huge over the past few years. If you’re looking to get the word out about your MMA classes, you might want to start holding watch parties at your studio, or sponsoring a watch party at the local sports bar and supplying free food and drinks for X number of people. You can hand out business cards(with your FitnessTexter code on them), and hopefully you’ll get some people signing up for your lessons after the watch party. Worse case scenario, you make some new friend while watching the fight.

4. Create a Corporate Wellness Partnership with Local Companies

Corporate wellness is HUGE these days. Almost all companies will happily pay for their employees to stay in shape. Healthy employees miss less work and are happier, so it’s a win-win for the business. Try to set up a partnership with a local business. You can give MMA classes to their members for a discounted rate, and the business will advertise your classes on their corporate employee website, etc. Figure out a good sponsorship that benefits both parties and you’ll start seeing some more adult students in no time!

5. Start a Women’s Only Self Defense Class

We spoke about the fact that not many people want to take a self-defense class. However, there is a very substantial group of women and men who still DO want to take a self-defense class. Does your studio have self-defense classes? If not, you best start one. Just a simple 5-week class that women and men can sign up for that will teach them the basics of protection. You’ll get new members, and you’ll also become a more respected community business since you’re helping people protect themselves.

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