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Are Mens Only Yoga Classes a Good Business Move

Last Updated on Dec 11, 2017

Male only yoga classes are becoming more and more popular, and as a male yoga practitioner, I can understand why; being the only guy in a yoga class can be both intimidating and nerve-wracking.

We where at FitnessTexter came up with the following 3 reasons when having a men-only yoga class can be a good financial move for your yoga studio.

Nervous Men who Are Interested in Yoga Will Feel Comfortable

I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I was before my first yoga class. I didn’t know any of the positions, I wasn’t that flexible, I had sweaty feet, the usual. Though some studios hate to admit it, there’s a certain level of sexual tension in a yoga studio. Hot sweaty lightly clothed bodies of both sexes, making moves in all types of ways. It’s a sexual environment. As a relatively nerdy computer programmer, I was extremely nervous to be even MORE awkward in front of a bunch of pretty girls. Everyone tells you that “no one cares how clumsy you are” but when you’re already used to being a klutz in front of girls, the idea of being even more klutzy isn’t appealing. With men-only classes, the guys like me can really relax. There aren’t any girls to worry about, there’s just the practice. It’s much easier to focus on your practice when you’re not worrying about making a fool of yourself. It might sound trivial, but ask your honest male students about this and they’ll agree; yoga girls can be intimidating.

Heavy-Sweating Men Will Feel More Comfortable Practicing

Beyond being a relatively awkward male, I’m also one of the fortunate ones that sweats like a pig in a sauna. You can your “sweaters” who put down a little towel and barely get a drop of sweat on it after a full 45-minute practice. Then you have me. By the 15th minute, I’m already DRENCHED in sweat, and it’s only just beginning. Imagine at the end of a full class; my towel needs to be ringed out, multiple times. If you’re a heavy sweating male, you’re probably a little self-concious about it. Now imagine being surrounded by a bunch of fit yogi females that are barely glistening. It’s nerve-wracking and rather embarassing. However, switch out those girls for a bunch of old yogi men and I could care less about how much I sweat. It’s all about being comfortable and sweating around a bunch of men is much more comfortable than around yogi women.

You’ll Get More Members and Make More Money

Let’s get down to business. With mens-only classes, you’re going to increase your bottom line, a lot. I know more than a handful of guys who would love to practice yoga, but they’re just too damn scared to go to a studio and make a fool of themselves in front of a bunch of very yogi women. And to all those yogi women who are reading this right now saying, “That’s not true!”, well, it is. Besides the few guys who did training in India and have their Chi in perfect alignment, most of us regular guys have a hard time not being nervous/embarrassed in front of attractive women.