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Business Cards: A Great Way to Generate New Member Leads

Last Updated on Dec 15, 2017

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Business cards are more than just a way to give people your contact information, they’re also an easy way to generate membership leads for your fitness business.

Fitness business cards are probably the best low cost lead generating marketing tool out there. You can purchase 500 high-quality doubled-sided business cards for less than $40 at most online printing websites like VistaPrints or OverNight Prints. That’s less than 10 cents each!

The question is, how do you turn a regular boring business card into a lead-generating business card? We’re so glad you asked! 😉

Sign Up for FitnessTexter

The first step is to get yourself signed up for FitnessTexter. Once you sign up for FitnessTexter, we turn your business name into a text message coupon code and connect that coupon code to a promotional offer, like a free week of class or a 50% discount coupon (you tell us what promotional deal you want to use).

You’re set! Now, whenever someone texts your coupon code to 69302 (FitnessTexter’s phone number), they’ll instantly receive your promotional offer via text message.

Hand Those Babies Out!

Example of CrossFit 666 Text Message Deal

Example of CrossFit 666 Text Message Deal

Now’s the fun part. All you need to do is hand out your business cards to interested potential new members. They’ll put the card in their wallet and head home. Once they get home, chances are great they’ll take out your business card and give it a look. Boom! Their eyes will be drawn to the text message promotion that you printed at the bottom of your fitness business card.

If they’re interested in taking advantage of your text message promotion, all they need to do is text your coupon code to 69302.(CROSSFIT666 is the coupon code  in the above example). Once they text your code to 69302, they’ll instantly receive a text message containing your promotional offer, and you’ll automatically receive a sales lead email from FitnessTexter.

Convert Leads into Clients!

This sales lead email contains the person’s phone number, as well as the time they signed up to receive your offer. Give them a call the next day and say, “Hey, this is [your-name] from [your-business], I see you signed up for our [promotional offer]. Would you be interested in coming by tonight to get started?” You don’t have to say it exactly like that, but you get the idea! 🙂

You’ve got a hot lead on your hands. The person has already shown that they want to give your business a try. Now it’s time to get them to come in and redeem your promotional offer. If you’re lucky, they’ll enjoy the promotional offer so much that they’ll sign up to become a paying member.

Look at that…your 10 cent business card just got you a new member!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial of FitnessTexter and get started generating those new member leads!