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Get More Karate Students

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2017

How’s your karate business going this year?

Any new martial arts marketing ideas you want to try out?

Could you use a few more students and a boost in revenue? If so, StrikeTexter is the answer.

Simply sign up for a free two week trial, put the StrikeTexter banner on your website, post the Facebook banner, and (if you have sidewalk traffic) you can even put a few window signs up. StrikeTexter is guaranteed to  get you more karate students.

We suggest you choose to give out at least a free week of karate. At minimum a free 3-day pass. These coupons tend to get the best results and will increase your membership the fastest.

Anyone potential student that sees your “Free Week of Karate” offer or “Free 3-Day Karate Pass” offer can sign up by simply texting your KEYWORD to 69302.  Your keyword is always the name of your business. If your studio is called Master P’s Studio, your texting keyword would be MASTERPSTUDIO. When someone texts that word to 69302, they’ll instantly receive your text message offer.

Getting more karate students has never been easier. Just put up the website and Facebook banner, and sit back and relax. You’ll have a nice flow of students in no time.