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Last Updated on Aug 28, 2017

Running a yoga studio can be a very profitable venture. However, it also needs to be made clear that many cities are becoming over-saturated with studios and the clients-per-studio number is diminishing. If you have 1000 active yogis in a city and 50 yoga studios, you’ve got a 20:1 ratio of students to studios; which isn’t enough to keep a studio afloat.

If you’re in one of these over-saturated cities, you’re going to need to find a way to differentiate yourself from every other studio. Here are 5 ways you can get more yoga students and help separate yourself form the pack.

Start Offering Cardio Yoga Classes

As much as you might be against the whole “Yoga Sculpt” movement, there’s something to said about the popularity that it has achieved. People love yoga, but they also want to get in a solid cardio workout. If your studio doesn’t offer cardio yoga, then you’ve probably losing members to other studios that offer cardio classes. Finding trainers doesn’t need to be that difficult either. CorePower, a large midwestern yoga company, trains thousands of teachers in their Yoga Sculpt method. You’ll be able to find a CorePower teacher in no time and then you’ll have your first cardio yoga teacher.

Use FitnessTexter to Get More Leads

FitnessTexter is a text-message marketing tool that helps yoga studios convert their website visitors, Facebook fans and sidewalk traffic into new yoga students. Your studio gets a special text messaging code that they can put on all of their marketing materials. When someone sees your code and texts it to 95577, the person will get a special text message coupon and the yoga studio gets an email with the person’s phone number. It’s a great way to convert all that website/facebook traffic that you’ve worked so hard to achieve into new members.

Launch a Bring-a-Friend Deal

Most guys don’t see yoga as a partner activity, but women, on the other hand, tend to invite their friends to come practice yoga with them. If you’re looking to get some more yoga students, print out a handful of bring-a-friend passes and give them to all your current members. The passes is a 100% free ticket for them to bring a friend to one of their classes. Who knows, maybe the friend has always been thinking about doing yoga and just needed this bit of encouragement. Best case scenario, some of those friends will become members at your studio. Worse case, you’ll have fuller classes. It’s a win-win situation.

Hold Outdoor Yoga-in-the-Park Classes

Now that summer has arrived in Denver, where we’re located, yoga in the park has been getting more and more popular. I personally know one local teacher who gives free yoga classes every sunday in Cheeseman Park in Denver. He started with about 5 students each Sunday and it got to the point by the end of summer where he had 25-30 people coming to his classes. At the end of summer, he was able to rent a studio space and start his own yoga practice. Get out there and start doing a free weekly yoga class. Have business cards on hand and when people ask for more info, let them know that you’re from Studio XYZ and that you’re offering a deal for new students.

Give a Deep College Discount

College students are the untapped goldmine for fitness businesses. If there’s one demographic of the population that is obsessed with their looks and sexuality, it’s college students. Guys want to get ripped and girls want that tone booty for summer beach season. Give a 30% to 50% discount for local college students. It’ll help you build brand awareness among a very sought-after demographic and you’ll help your bottom line. Your margins might not be huge, but you’ll still be filling classes. If they love your studio enough, they’ll become full-price paying members once they graduate.

Image Credit:
Laura Candido
Saint Mary Fitness
Sparrow MN