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Getting More Personal Training Clients is Easy with FitnessTexter™

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2017

Most people think that FitnessTexter™  is only used by gyms to increase their membership.

However, it can be used by anyone who is looking to get more clients.

Let’s imagine a scenario using “Bob the Personal Trainer.”

Bob has a pretty decent client base, but like any good business person, he is looking to increase his personal training revenue, generate more membership leads and start doing Sunday sessions.

Bob has a nice website that gets a lot of traffic and he wants to capitalize. Bob signs up for FitnessTexter™, chooses the coupon code TRAININGWITHBOB and decides to offer two free classes as his promotional offer.

Bob pays with Paypal and within 24 hours, receives his customized FitnessTexter website banner and Facebook banner to put on his website.

Every time someone comes to Bob’s website, they see the FitnessTexter banner on his website, publicizing his free offer. If they’re on his Facebook fan page, they’ll see his Facebook banner.

When someone texts the word TRAININGWITHBOB to 69302, they immediately receive a text message containing the promotional offer. Plus, Bob receives a “Sales Lead Email” from FitnessTexter containing the person’s phone number, so he can give them a call for a quick follow-up and schedule their first class. Each person that signs up receives the reminder messages, encouraging them to give Bob’s personal training classes a shot.

Over the course of a few months, Bob has given away a bunch of free classes and converted the majority into paying clients. Now Bob is perfectly busy and he has even had to hire another personal trainer to take on all the new members GymTexter is bringing in.

It’s that easy! Give FitnessTexter™ a try. We harness the power of text message marketing for all types of fitness businesses!