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5 Important Steps to Starting a Summer Fitness Bootcamp

Last Updated on Dec 14, 2017

The breeze is warm, the sun is bright, and the beach bodies are out in full effect. You know what that means…summer has arrived! All those diligent people who fulfilled their NYE resolution are out and about showing off their new summer bodies. They might not be going to the indoor gym as much, but they’re surely looking for a way to keep that beach body tone. The answer…outdoor bootcamp. It combines a good workout with a way to show off their body in public. SUCCESS!

Summer bootcamps are a great way to make some extra money as a gym owner. Even if you’re not a gym owner, you can still set up a bootcamp rather quickly. If you’re looking to start a summer bootcamp, here are 5 first steps to get yourself up and running. Once you’re up and running, here’s a post on marketing your bootcamp. Also, check out FitnessTexter, a proven bootcamp membership booster, and print out some free bootcamp flyers.

Get City Approval Before Starting

One, if not thee, most important steps in starting an outdoor fitness bootcamp is getting approval from your city. If you plan on doing your bootcamp in a public park, you need approval! There would be nothing worse than being in the middle of your second week of bootcamp and having the city inspector show up, ask for permits, and shut you down. Most cities are very receptive to outdoor bootcamps, as long as you’re not using heavy equipment that is going to damage the property. Head down to city hall, ask them which permits you’ll need to have your summer bootcamp, and fill out the damn paperwork. City inspectors LOVE giving out permit citations. It’s what they get paid to do for crying out loud!

Buy a General Insurance Policy & Sign Membership Waivers

Great. The city is on board and they’re super excited that you’ll be having a bootcamp in the city. One thing they’re going to ask about is if you have insurance for your bootcamp. What if someone gets hurt while participating in the bootcamp? Go out and buy some cheap event insurance. If you can give your insurance broker the dates of every single bootcamp, you can get a policy for those specific days. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a lawsuit? It’s not a pretty picture. There’s a chance that someone will get hurt at your bootcamp. They might slip and fall, or some of your equipment might malfunction and cause an injury. Either way, if you have a good insurance policy, you’re giving yourself the protection you need for such an event.

Design Workout & Find Good Instructors

Once you’re legal, you need to figure out what workout routine you’re going to use. Even if your instructors are skilled, you don’t want them making up a routine on the fly. There’s nothing worse than that pause in a bootcamp where the instructor is thinking about the next exercise they want to perform. It needs to be a fluid routine from start to finish. Also, make sure your instructors are able to perform the routine as well. It’s always funny when your bootcamp instructor is yelling at you to do a certain move and they themselves aren’t doing it. Take a look at any of the Insanity videos. Sean T is the most badass instructor and does every move along with his students.

Set Up Partnerships with Local Businesses

If you’re looking for a simple way to get some clients to your bootcamp right away, make connections with local businesses, especially startups. If there’s one thing that startups love to do, it’s spoil their employees with great benefits. Contact the HR managers of some local startups and ask them if they’d be interested in offering their employees a new health option. You’ll be able to charge a larger corporate fee(that always gets paid on time) and the startups employees with get access to your bootcamp. Get creative with partnerships and you can do great things for your business.

Distribute Advertising & Marketing Materials

Now you’re ready to get started. Get to your local kinkos and print out a handful of your bootcamp marketing flyers. Put them up around your city; the local coffee shop, dog parks, college campuses, you name it. The more people who hear about your bootcamp the better! If you’re a FitnessTexter client, your flyers will have your texting keyword on them so that anyone who is interested in a free class or two can simply text your keyword to 95577. If you’re not a FitnessTexter customer, just have some contact info on your flyer so that people know how to get started with your business.

Now get out there and start kicking ass!

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