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Part Three: 10 Ways to Get More Barre Studio Members

Last Updated on Dec 15, 2017

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7. Participate in Community Events

There’s nothing better for a barre business than getting more public exposure. Have your business participate in city parades, events, fundraisers, etc. These will all have entry frees, but you know what they say, it takes money to make money. You need to get your business into the public’s eye. There are definitely people in your city that don’t even know your business exists. It’s about time that you get the word out!

8. Advertise at Coffee Shops

We here at FitnessTexter have always been a fan of coffee shop marketing. Just like advertising at grocery stores, but indy coffee shops have a wall of local business publicity. Ask them if you can put up your FitnessTexter “free week pass” sign and watch the new members stroll in. Give it a try. Also, thing about advertising at college campuses. It’s a great market, and most students are using their parents money.

9. Build a Marketing Mailing List

Do you have an email newsletter that you send out every month? Too busy you say? Don’t lie to yourself. It takes 2 hours to write a newsletter, and it will pay dividends in the long run. If you can’t carve out 2 hours every month for your business’s success, maybe you shouldn’t be running a business. Setup up a MailChimp or Aweber account and start gathering those email addresses from your website. Send out a creative newsletter every month and you’ll definitely see people coming into your business as a result.

10. Start a Maternity Class

Expecting mothers are a great niche market for your business. They’re looking to stay healthy during their pregnancy, and what better way than a maternity barre class. Offer the class once a week and see what happens. You might find out that you have some very thankful pregnant women who love meet and chat and work out together. Who knows, give it a try!

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Centre Barre using FitnessTexter on Facebook

Centre Barre using FitnessTexter on Instagram

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