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Part Two: 10 Ways to Get More Barre Studio Members

Last Updated on Dec 15, 2017

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4. Create Partnership with Local Gyms

There’s nothing that can help a business grow like forming a partnership with another business of a similar type. Enter, gyms. You’ve got barre members who might be interested in weight lifting, and I’m sure there are gym members who are interested in trying barre. Why not set up a partnership between the two businesses. The gym members get cheap barre and the barre members get cheap gym. Easy as pie!

5. Advertise at Local Grocery Stores

Don’t laugh. We’re serious here. Grocery stores almost always have a public announcement wall. Put it to use for crying out loud! Photoshop a nice sign(or use the FitnessTexter sign) and put them up at local grocery stores. Interested customers are shopping and where better to get them thinking about their health and wellness than when they’re buying groceries. Give it a try and watch how well it works!

6. Start a Bring-a-Friend Deal

There’s nothing more enticing to build membership than starting a bring-a-friend program. Most people love their classes, but they’d like it ever more if they were allowed to bring a friend. Give every current member a punch-card with 5 free bring-a-friend times. These friends of members will surely like your business and you’re likely to get a few new paying members out of the bargain.

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Centre Barre using FitnessTexter on Facebook

Centre Barre using FitnessTexter on Instagram

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