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Text Message Marketing Promotions for Fitness Businesses

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2017

Boost Fitness Marketing has been in the business of text message marketing for fitness businesses long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work in regards to increasing your membership.

We understand, especially in this economy, that it’s not always appealing to be giving away free stuff. However, sometimes it’s necessary to give something to get something. Let us explain:

Many new Boost Fitness Marketing clients want to give away a discounted coupon, like a “Daily Deal Site” deal.

An example could be “Text CROSSFITFLORIDA to 69302 for a 50% discount on a One-Month Membership.”

This might appear enticing to the gym owner creating the deal, but to the consumer, it’s just another discounted coupon, like they get in their email inbox every morning. However, when you toss in the word FREE, things change.

Our most successful text message marketing deal is the Free Week Pass. Just take a look at all our clients that give away free weeks.

If someone is even mildly interested in your gym, this is just enough to entice them to give it a try. If they try and come to like your establishment, they’ll happily start paying your monthly membership fee because they know it’ a worthy investment. No one expects a free week deal to last forever. Take a look at why Groupon doesn’t increase gym membership.

So what’s better?

  • Giving someone a 75% discount and making a TINY margin the first month, crossing your fingers they pay the full price when month #2 rolls around
  • Giving someone a free week and then having them happily pay the full membership price once the week is over?

You do the math. 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about how Boost Fitness Marketing can increase your fitness business’s membership, shoot us an email and let’s chat.