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Three Easy Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Gym’s Swimming Pool

Last Updated on Dec 10, 2018

There’s been a surge in swimming lately. The medical benefits have always been well-known, but people are starting to ditch jogging in favor of a easier-on-the-joints activity like swimming. This blog post is focused at those businesses that are lucky enough to have an installed pool. If your fitness center hasn’t seen an increase in the amount of members that are coming to take advantage of your facility’s swimming pool, here are three easy ways to get more swimmers to show up.

1. Start a Discount Swimming Punch-Card Program

Most fitness businesses, in my experience, don’t allow all their members to use the pool. Usually there is a tiered-program for pool users at the gym. This might work if you have a lot of dedicated swimmers, but if you don’t, you’re going to have an empty pool that isn’t bringing you any business. That said, you can easily create some discounted punch-cards for your current non-pool members. If your current gym member doesn’t want to use the pool all the time, they can use one of these punch cards to use it on certain days that they want to. You’ll increase your revenue on the sale of punch cards, and you’ll also, perhaps, encourage some of these non-pool members to upgrade their memberships to the pool version.

2. Create a Swimmer’s Only Membership Level

On the contrary to the previous tip, instead of trying to get your gym members to upgrade to a gym+pool membership, you could also create a pool-only membership for the people in your community that have no interest in lifting weights and doing fitness classes, but that would be more than happy to go swim laps a new nights a week. This membership would come with a healthy discount from the gym+pool membership, but you’d once again see a boost a revenue when you started increasing your pool-only memberships.

3. Create a Partnership with a Local Yoga Studio to Increase Cross-Pollination

Last but not least, go out and create a partnership with a local yoga studio in your town. Tell then that you’re willing to offer their members a discount on your pool-only membership if they’d be willing to offer your members a discount at their yoga studio. You’re going to increase the amount of people in both businesses, so it’s a win win. They’re going to increase the amount of people in their yoga classes and you’re going to increase the amount of swimmers at your pool.