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Three Simple Ways to Get New Years Eve Gym Members to Stick Around

Last Updated on Dec 3, 2018

It’s a well known fact that the new year is on its way, and with the new year comes the onslaught of new years resolution gym members. As a gym owner, you can’t complain about the foot traffic. It’s been shown that the influx of money from NYE gym members is rather substantial. Yes, it’s true, some of your current members will get a little pissed off that they have to deal with all these new “fake” members, but so be it.

So the question is, how do you, as a gym owner, get these people to stay at your facility once they lose interest? Below are three surefire tips of get your new years members to commit to longterm memberships.

1. Don’t Give Out New Years Eve Membership Discounts

Giving our huge discounts is one of the worst ways to attract bad members. When you give someone a 75% discount for one or two months, they’re going to come in as much as possible. However, once that discount expires, you’re going to have a very hard time getting them to sign up for become a long term member. You’ve already devalued your service too much to expect them to want to maybe hundreds of dollars extra for the normal membership. That said, quit giving out discounts and make your members pay FULL PRICE instead. That might sound shocking, but these new members, if you make them pay full price, they’re going to be more wiling to stick it out since they’re not getting a huge discount.

2. Encourage New Members to Start Participating in Classes

Physical fitness classes are a great way to get people excited about fitness. If you haven’t added a class schedule to your gym, you need to get on it. Classes are the most popular part of fitness these days and if you’re not offering classes, people are going to get very bored of your basic equipment layout and most likely leave after a couple months. However, if you get someone addicted to their twice-weekly zumba classes, you better believe that they’re going to be coming back for more. Starting a weekly fitness class isn’t that difficult either. Sit down with your marketing team and come up with a basic class list. You don’t even need to have famous classes. You can simply create a bootcamp and go from there.

3. Create a More Social Atmosphere to Encourage “Show Up”

As great as social media can sometimes be, it needs to be said that it’s actually making us less social than ever. We’re more sad and lonely than we have been in years. Why is this? Well, because we’re sending more time in front of screen (like you are right now) and less time interacting with people. That said, if you can make your gym into a more social area, where people enjoy hanging out, you’re going to increase your longterm membership retention. If your NYE members realize that they’re making friends at the gym, they’re most likely not going to give it up.

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