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5 Tips to Increase Gym Word of Mouth Marketing

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym owner, box affiliate, yoga studio or personal trainer, word of mouth advertising is the BEST way to get more gym members. However, increasing word of mouth marketing at your fitness business can be difficult. Here are 5 tips & tricks to get your current gym members to start bragging about your fitness business to their friends.

1. Hold Monthly PR Workout Competitions

This tip will work better for box-type gyms where everyone is doing the same workout during every class. However, even if you’re a big box gym, you can still set up monthly PR competitions on the last Saturday of the month. Have various weight classes and do the usual lifts; bench, squat, clean, etc. If you guarantee that the monthly winner are going to be taking selfies with the PR board behind them and posting them to Facebook. Every time a members posts something about the gym, make sure they tag your gym in the description.

2. Hold Outdoor Workout Summer Sessions

My personal favorite tip for getting generating more word-of-mouth advertising is to hold at least one outdoor class per week. These are a great way to get the word out about your gym. Find a city park, get the necessary permits, and bring a stack of business cards. You’re going to have passersby walking nearby and asking questions. Hand them a business card while they’re showing interest. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on their way to meet up with friends and say something like, “I just walked by City Park and saw Gym XYZ doing an outdoor class. It looked super fun and they gave me a free week pass too!” Make sure that you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s before you start holding outdoor fitness classes. There’s no better way to get the city upset than by making money inside a city park. Make it a point to make sure you keep your permits on hand in case you have to deal with any zealous police offers or city workers that question you about the legality of your outdoor fitness class.

3. Schedule Bi-Weekly Social Events

crossfit bbqCrossFit boxes are great about doing this, and that’s why CrossFitters talk about CrossFit with all their friends. My friend is a member of CrossFit Park Hill, and she’s always going to some sort of social event or another. Her Facebook posts are always talking about BBQs or movie nights, etc. I don’t do CrossFit, but I surely know about her box and, if I were to want to join one, I know hers is going to be a super social experience.

4. Ramp Up Your Workout Picture-Taking

Are you taking pictures of your students during their nightly workouts? If not, you’re missing out on a great way to increase word-of-mouth advertising and social shares. First and foremost, make sure that you have the rights to post pictures. Some members aren’t going to want their pictures to be posted, and that’s okay. However, most will be totally okay with it. Once you know who is and isn’t okay with pictures, start taking mid-workout pictures and posting them from your phone. When your members get home, they’ll tag the posts, share them, make comments, etc. All these actions will increase their social reach and generate more word-of-mouth advertising. Example: “Hey, did you see Emily’s workout pictures last night? We should try her gym sometime.” Social media marketing is becoming one of the most important ways to get people “talking” about your business these days. Maybe they’re aren’t physically taking about your business, but as long as they’re mentioning it in their Facebook posts or Instagram pictures, you’re still getting that valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Create an Athlete-of-the-Month Award

Up there with the idea of doing a monthly PR competition, you can also start an athlete of the month club. This award can be given for attendance rates, lifting goals, accomplishments, or just about any other reason. Either way, during that month, you can guarantee that the athlete-of-the-month is going to be talking about your gym A LOT. Facebook posts, tweets, and just general bragging. 😉

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