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3 Tips to Build Community at Your CrossFit Gym

Last Updated on Mar 15, 2018

If you don’t own a box yet, you might want to check out our most popular blog post, The 6 Steps to Running a Successful CrossFit. This gives you a nice rundown on what it takes to run a profitable CrossFit business. We also offer a free CrossFit business plan template if you need one.

If you’re already a box owner, check out our Crossfit profitability excel spreadsheet. It’s a great tool to analyzing your box’s current financial situation.

If you DO own your own box, congratulations! We’re sure it’s been a long hard road of trial and errors, but if you’ve found this post, you’ve likely got a successful box on your hands and now want to make it even better! Once you’ve got a successful CrossFit box, it’s time to start thinking about how to build a strong sense of community between your members. From a purely scientific standpoint, individuals don’t live to leave their community. If that community happens to be your CrossFit box, there’s a good chance your revenue is going to keep on increasing. That said, let’s start building some CrossFit community!

1. Hold a Bi-Weekly Sunday Funday (and Cheat Days too)

This first one is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many CrossFit boxes aren’t having social BBQs. If you’re encouraging your members to eat paleo, what better way to build community than hold a weekly cookout where everyone brings a (paleo) dish to pass. Members will be able to unwind after a long week of work and talk about the past week’s paelo-diet ups and downs.

If you aren’t doing paleo at your box, any type of cookout works. Just get a few 12-packs, a bunch of high-quality meat and veggies, and invite the whole box over for a Sunday Funday. The key to building community is connecting your members on a level beyond “she’s my workout friend that I see at the gym.” You want your box to the facilitator of friendships. Those friendships turn your members into brand evangelists and soon your referral business will be booming. There’s nothing better than getting an increase in word of mouth marketing for free. If your members are taking pictures and posting it on their social media feeds, even better. People will see all the fun your members are having at the box and might be tempted to join in order to get in on the fun.

2. Start a CrossFit Kids Program to Keep Parents Happy

If you’re like us, you’ve probably noticed the huge increase in the amount of boxes offering CrossFit Kids lately. Do you really think those classes are for the kids? Nope, they’re for the parents. If mom and dad don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter/daycare while they do the WOD, they’ll participate in more workouts and enjoy the experience much more.

CrossFit Kids is a great way to make your members with kids enjoy their CrossFit experience more. Beyond the benefit of having happier parents, it’s a phenomenal way to build community. If your members’ kids have a chance to become friends while at their CrossFit Kids classes, you’ll have some very happy CrossFitter parents at your box. As most parents will tell you, once you have kids, you don’t have too much time for anything. From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, it’s pretty much a non-stop parenting fest. That said, if you can get the kids into the same room and under control, you’re going to have some very happy parents that can sit back and relax and chat for a bit while there little ones are off working out.

3. Sponsor a Team of Members in a Local Sports League

kickball-56Along the same lines as having a bi-weekly Sunday Funday at your box, you should really think about making a small investment and sponsoring a group of your members in a local sports league. Summer’s here and in Denver (where we’re located) that means it’s kickball season! Leagues can be a bit expensive, usually around $300 to $500 for entry, but if that means your box members meld into a CrossFit family, it’s all worth it.

Beyond building community, in every park around town you see teams of young professionals wearing branded jerseys from local businesses. What better way to get your business name out there than having 10 of your members wearing your box name on their chest during every game of the season. What’s more, if people ask them about your box, you could give your members a bonus for every member they refer. It’s a win-win situation. Your members become better friends and bond as a unit and your CrossFit increases revenue. Sweet!

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