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Using Yard Signs & FitnessTexter to Market Your Gym

Last Updated on Aug 28, 2017

First and foremost, no, we do not make yard signs. FitnessTexter is the company that sets up text message marketing keyword for fitness businesses. Have you ever seen a promotion like, “Text 650FIT to 95577 for a Free Week Pass!”? If you have, that’s FitnessTexter at work.

When you sign up for FitnessTexter, we send you a banner for your website, a banner for your website and 3 window signs to put up in your windows. These banners have your logo, address, and your texting promotion on them.

We have a few clients who have went the extra step and printed their texting code on those plastic yard signs that they use during election season.

The gym got permission from various city officials and citizens and put their advertising signs up in popular locations. A great place to put these signs is at busy intersections. People have to wait in traffic and when they look out their window, they see your fitness promotion.

You can put your gym signs and martial arts yard signs up on college campuses, intersections, main drags of town, and anywhere else you think that you’ll have people who are interested in trying your business. Once they text your keyword to 95577, they’ll receive your text message deal and you’ll get their lead information via email. Boom!

We photoshopped the above version below(to remove the real customer name), but you can get an idea of how yard signs are useful when promoting FitnessTexter.

Give FitnessTexter a try at your gym or martial arts business.

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