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Why Daily Deal Sites Don’t Increase Gym, CrossFit or Yoga Membership

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2017

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Lately, we here at Boost Fitness Marketing have been getting asked the following question quite a bit:

“Is FitnessTexter a daily deal site?  Because it sounds like something we might like, but we don’t do daily deal things?”

I’d like to make this as clear as possible, FitnessTexter is the Opposite of Daily Deals.

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With any of those daily deal massive-discount sites, you’re purely selling people on price, as opposed to quality of service.

Yes, you might have 100 people buy your “$30 for One Month of Unlimited CrossFit” deal, but how many of those people are prepared to pay full-price once their daily deal runs out? The answer, not many.

Okay, so maybe you’ll have a little revenue boost in one-time income from the 100 people who signed up, but few of them will open their wallets and becoming full-price paying members when you tell them,“Hey, just so you know, month two is going to cost you $125 bucks.” They’ll scurry back to their computer and find another insanely cheap one-month discount and go try that other gym for a month. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Why are these people not becoming life-long members?

You’ve attached a dollar sign to your service, and they’ve mentally established the daily deal price as what they’re willing to pay for it. Once you ask for full price, the sticker shock will blow them away.

These are not the kind of people who are interested in long-term fitness. They’re interested in a one-month cheap membership.

Use FitnessTexter to convert website traffic and social media traffic into new members, and give away a free week at your gym.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said a FREE WEEK…not a discounted price. One free week won’t break your bank. On the contrary, it will make your bank account swell.

People who are visiting your website are clearly more inclined to becoming physically fit because they made the effort to search you out on the internet.


Sell on Quality, Not on Price

During that free week, sell them on:

1. The quality of instruction your facility provides

2. The physical benefits of being in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle

3. The emotional/mental benefits of being part of a caring/passionate workout community

Don’t sell them on price. They don’t care about price. They care about being healthy.

If someone is getting something for free, they are EXPECTING to pay for it the following time.

No one believes a free gym membership will last forever. They know they’re VERY LUCKY to be getting this service for free.

If, during that time, you make them fall in love with your facility and your workout community, they’ll happily pay full price, no questions asked.

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In closing, it’s true, FitnessTexter will not instantly make you more money. You pay to use our service.

FitnessTexter will, however, create a steady flow of fitness-inclined trial members for your facility.

Our product will get people in your door who are 100% willing to becoming full-price-paying members.

It’s up to you and your trainers to make them fall in love with your gym.

All the best,

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