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5 Places to Put Your Fitness Bootcamp Marketing Flyers

Advertising for a fitness bootcamp can be hard work. Because most fitness bootcamps don’t have a physical location, it’s more difficult to attract new clients and members to your bootcamp business. However, using the FitnessTexter bootcamp marketing flyer, you can start getting more bootcamp students and, in turn, increase your bootcamp revenue.

Getting new bootcamp members should be your number 1 priority. Print off a handful of your FitnessTexter bootcamp flyers and start putting them up around your city.

Here are 5 ideas for where you can put your bootcamp advertising flyer:

1. Local Coffee Shops

Nearly every single coffee shop has a public bulletin board. Put up a flyer at every coffee shop in your geographic area. Peoples eyes are drawn to bright colors, so make sure to print your flyers in color, and not black and white.

2. College Campuses

College campuses are a great place to attract new fitness bootcamp clients. Bring a handful of your flyers to the local college campus and tape them to lightpoles, message boards, etc. College students are always looking for ways to stay in shape. Your bootcamp could be the perfect solution for them!

3. Grocery Stores

What better place to catch people thinking about getting in shape than after they finish purchasing a bunch of food. Put up a few flyers near the exit of some local grocery stores. You’re bound of get some few fitness bootcamp members from shoppers looking to get into shape.

4. City Park Bulletin Boards

Most bootcamps are held in parks and other public spaces. Make sure to put up flyers are the park where you hold your bootcamp. Add the dates and times of your sessions so that people can show up for a free intro class (or whatever promotion you offer). If you’re really crafty, make your flyer into a coroplast yard sign (like election signs), and stick them up around the park while you’re holding class. People will take note and come back for your following class.

5. Civic Centers & Downtown Thoroughfares

Last but not least, put your flyers up around the busy pedestrian thoroughfares in your city. This could be a city boardwalk, a downtown bandshell area, or maybe the local beach. It doesn’t matter where you put your fitness marketing flyers, as long as you’re putting them in places that get plenty of eye traffic. Remember, the more people who see your bootcamp advertising flyers, the more that can sign up for your offer.

Here are some of the FitnessTexter flyers that you can use with your FitnessTexter deal. Just use a black permanent marker and write in your text message coupon code.