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Free Martial Arts Studio Profit Calculator & Excel Spreadsheet

Running a martial arts business is hard work; forecasting your profitability shouldn’t be. Use this free Excel spreadsheet to monitor your future profits. You can also tweak it a little bit and it will be great for doing martial arts bookkeeping. Just rearrange the columns that you need to, update the formulas, and you can keep track of average revenue per student, monthly expenses, membership billing, etc. Feel free to download the martial arts school excel spread sheet and use it for as long as you’d like. If you’d like a way to say thinks, mention FitnessTexter on your website, we’d appreciate it.

We put together a free downloadable excel spreadsheet that will make it easy to plan and forecast the future profits and losses of your martial arts studio. You can download the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page. All you need to do is input your various starting costs, wages, trainer hours, etc and you’ll be able to find out the profitability of your business. Starting a martial arts business can be a profitable endeavor, but you’ll need to make sure you know your financial situation(will you be seeking investors or paying for it alone?). Use our karate studio spreadsheet and your dojo will be able to see exactly how much money it’s making (or losing), and what areas are costing you the most money. Feel free to add as many more columns as you’d like. I’m sure we forgot some costs that are common to all martial arts studios, but we thought it was a good starting point. We know owning a karate studio is stressful, so we hope this spreadsheet makes it a bit easier.

On a side note, if you’re looking for a way to increase your dojo’s membership, check out the FitnessTexter video below. FitnessTexter is guaranteed to get you more martial arts students.

What Is FitnessTexter?

FitnessTexter turns your business name into a custom texting code that you can put on anything; website, Facebook page, Instagram pictures, business cards, marketing flyers, email signatures, anything!

When someone texts your code to 95577, the person receives a “Free Week Pass” coupon to your gym, and you(the gym owner) get an email with that person’s contact info. Coupon is customizable: “Free Week Pass”, “Free Intro Session”, etc.

Here’s a Gym Using their Custom Texting Code on Facebook

Magness Using FitnessTexter

A Testimonial from Magness BJJ (The Above Picture)

Michael Magness
Michael Magness Owner: Magness BJJ | Location: Duncanville, TX

FitnessTexter has increased our leads dramatically! It’s extremely easy for customers to send a quick text and get a free week pass! I’m so glad we we found FitnessTexter! Thanks Patrick!

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This is a free spreadsheet for the owners and managers of martial arts studios. Just keep FitnessTexter in mind when you want to get more martial arts students. Enjoy!

Step 1: Download the spreadsheet by clicking the “Orange Download Button” at the bottom of this page.

Step 2. Open the martial arts Excel file (Only change values inside yellow cells. All other cells are automatic.)

Step 3. Enter in your rent cost, utilities cost, insurance cost, membership fee, and trainer wage.

Step 4. Type in the number of members you anticipate having during each month of business.

Step 5. Type in the amount of trainer hours you’ll be paying each month. Use the included calculator to figure it out.

Step 6. Enter your equipment purchase costs.

By adjusting all the of values in the YELLOW cells, you can see how your finances will change. What happens to profit when you double your membership, month after month? Type in your new student count, using the same membership fee, and see for yourself. Anything you can think about, this spreadsheet can find out.


Click to Download the Martial Arts Studio Excel Spreadsheet. It’s Free!

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