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Ron Gordon
Ron Gordon Owner: CrossFit Gordon | Fairport, New York

We started using FitnessTexter at our facility on a trial basis and then became a paying customer. For a variety of reasons it did not produce the results we had hoped for. I took Patrick (Owner of Boost Fitness Marketing) up on his offer for a refund if it did not work out as we had hoped. I asked my manager to contract Patrick and request the promised refund. I received an email immediately confirming the refund into my account. Patrick’s commitment to his refund policy is solid. I would not hesitate to work with him again in any business situation.

Our Promise to You

Go ahead and give FitnessTexter a try for a month. If you don’t get at least $50 in new membership revenue from using FitnessTexter, we’ll happily refund your $50 FitnessTexter fee.

We’re an ethical business. We don’t believe it’s right to gain a profit when our clients don’t profit as well. Therefore, if our clients aren’t increasing their membership and boosting their revenue, we’re not going to charge them. Click here to get started.