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Natalie Spencer
Natalie Spencer General Manager | The Spa Fitness and Wellness Center

FitnessTexter has been a game changer for both our fitness centers and our cross training facility! By adding FitnessTexter to our website, social media, business cards, flyers, and virtually all other marketing avenues, we get a high volume of motivated, quality leads. In 5 months, we’ve added 75 memberships to our clubs from the leads generated by FitnessTexter! In today’s tech savvy world, FitnessTexter is a MUST HAVE in your gym business!

Holly Covell
Holly Covell Owner | Fitness System

FitnessTexter has been amazing for our business! Within 6 weeks we’ve collected 250+ leads! We’ve used to it to offer a free trial to our clubs, and the response has been great. Definitely worth the investment!

Steve Krusemark
Steve Krusemark Owner | 9Round Kickboxing of Plano, TX

I’m very pleased with the number of new leads generated by FitnessTexter. In the past 3 months, I’ve been averaging almost 50 new leads and 10 new memberships sales per month. We’d have even more sales if we did a better job closing and following up.

Here's a Facebook Recommendation from Caged CrossFit owner, Kory Knowles.

Here’s a Facebook Recommendation from Caged CrossFit owner, Kory Knowles.

Danny Hawk
Danny Hawk Owner | Normandy Gym

Hats off to FitnessTexter, what a product! It’s proven to be a great marketing tool for us here at Normandy Gym! Highly recommend!

Mike Maddalena
Mike Maddalena Owner | Fitness Battalion Bootcamp

FitnessTexter has been really great for driving traffic to our Boot Camp programs. It’s a great way to get people to try out what we have to offer, without devaluing our services. We did a few daily deal sites a couple of years ago, and while they drove lots of people to our boot camps, the retention wasn’t nearly as good as we’ve found with FitnessTexter. We won’t do a daily deal ever again, but we’ll stick with FitnessTexter. Thanks Patrick!

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Jess Murden
Jess Murden Owner | CrossFit ACT

FitnessTexter changes the game in communication with potential clients. It’s super easy to use on both the business end and client end, and we’ve experienced numerous leads and conversions via their service. The guys over at FitnessTexter are great communicators with us on the business end as well, always promptly answering any questions I might have.

Dwayne Dimm
Dwayne Dimm Owner | CrossFit BR

We’ve been very excited and thankful for the boost in membership that FitnessTexter has brought to the box. It is an easy and inexpensive way to create new leads and then turn them into clients. We promote the deal using our website, Facebook page, and a few flyers to offer free trials for potential members.

Mike McElroy
Mike McElroy Owner | CrossFit 2717

The FitnessTexter service has really helped with getting people in the gym doors for their first times. It allows them to come in less intimidated knowing they don’t have to sign a commitment to anything. Most people that came in using the FitnessTexter deal ended up signing a contract before their free week was up!

10-Day Free Trial

Becca Conaway
Becca Conaway Director of Guest Services | Pacific Personal Training

FitnessTexter helped us to open a lot of doors for potential guests, by giving them some incentive to get in the door. Beyond that, we found it very helpful to use as referrals for current guests- they loved being able to tell their friends and family about our services while allowing them to experience it for themselves with the texting keyword FitnessTexter set up for us. It’s well worth the investment since it helps to bring in a number of potential new clients!

Krista Samsel
Krista Samsel Manager | KnockOut Zone

I just wanted to take the time to thank you. FitnessTexter is the highest return on investment we have ever received in our business. We have generated thousands in new revenue and also boosted our electronic fund transfers in a very short amount of time. We cannot thank you enough for your service and support.

Patrick Wells
Patrick Wells Coach | Oregon CrossFit

FitnessTexter provides a great service. With very little setup time and an easy to use process, we were able to quickly gain exposure and get people coming in to try Crossfit, resulting in hundreds of dollars more in monthly revenue.

Dan Martin
Dan Martin Owner | CrossFit A1A

FitnessTexter has been a great way for us to get new clients in the door. You can’t get much more bang for your advertising buck. Thanks!

Ron Murray
Ron Murray Owner | CrossFit eXalted

CrossFit eXalted has been using the FitnessTexter service for 3 months now. Our original idea was to use FitnessTexter to help promote a single month special that we were running. Due to the effectiveness of the service and the response we received, we have decided to continue using FitnessTexter as a permanent advertising solution. Over the course of the last 3 months we have increased our intro classes by 60% and by extension our signups as well.

Nick Bernhard
Nick Bernhard Owner | CrossFit 225

The FitnessTexter experience was great and the customer service was perfect as well.

10-Day Free Trial

Master Gary Williams
Master Gary Williams Owner | Gary Williams Martial Arts

FitnessTexter is affordable and very effective and I hope to increase my enrollment even more the months to come.

Andrew Decided to Start Paying to Promote His FitnessTexter Deal on Facebook. Looks Like it Paid off!

Andrew Downs
Andrew Downs Owner | Fit Body Boot Camp

My name is Andrew and I own a Fit Body Boot Camp location in Van Buren, AR. We were struggling to find new members and tried everything from TV, radio and newspaper advertising. I have been doing FitnessTexter for about three weeks and the number of leads I am getting is INSANE (over 100 so far). I simply placed a Facebook ad with the following “Text FITBODY to 95577 for a FREE WEEK PASS” with a picture of my gym. I would highly recommend FitnessTexter for anyone that needs quality leads.

Carl Lutkowski
Carl Lutkowski Owner | C & S Athletic Club

Hey Patrick,
Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. The text thing so far is starting to work. We have a little more traffic coming in and I have to say this is the best advertising for us so far. It really brings people into the door.

Thank you
C & S Athletic Club

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